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Museum room May 17, 2019

The Cycle of Guided Views to the Sala Museo concluded

As part of the subject “Introduction to Medicine”, more than 900 students visited the Museum Hall and traced its history.

From May 6 to 13, the Guided Visits Cycle was held in the Dr. Ángel Óscar Ulloa Gregori Museum Room, aimed at first-year Medicine students, an activity that is part of the subject “Introduction to Medicine” .

We have the participation of 58 instructors from the Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health, who enthusiastically explain the sections of Diagnosis, Apothecary, Anesthesia, Urology and Obstetrics; as well as a semblance of the life of Dr. José Eleuterio González, highlighting his role as writer and disseminator of publications.

We received a total of 909 students, divided into 40 groups, who were able to know what the instruments of the eighteenth century were made of, their clinical and surgical use, what the old pharmacies looked like and the medicines they manufactured and traded in them; the chemicals that were used to sleep patients in surgical procedures, how was the way to extract the lithos from the human body, as well as the evolution of the obstetric forceps.

The students showed great interest in the contents of each section of the Museum and became aware of the historical evolution that health sciences have had in northeastern Mexico and, above all, the relevant role played by the hospital-school founded by Dr. José Eleuterio González 160 years ago.