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Chemist Clinical-Biologist Thesis

The student of the QCB Bachelor's Degree may select within the semester of Free Choice the presentation of a thesis of degree, as long as it has an average greater or equal to 80 when requesting this option.

Purpose + -

The thesis should preferably be developed in the Research Laboratories of the Autonomous University of Nuevo León or in some other institution previously approved by the Office of Undergraduate Studies of QCB.. For this purpose, the student must have the advice of a thesis director,who must commit to guaranteeing all the necessary resources for the research. During the semester the student will have to present the project and scope of his thesis, the advances, and his final results.

Through this activity, the student will develop the research protocol approved in the learning unit of Research Seminar PIS-2011 (401) curriculum or Research Seminar II in the curriculum 410, career 2, demonstrating his capacity for analysis, sound decision-making and the correct use of scientific-technical language in oral and written forms.

Likewise, he should handle the continuous updating of state of the art through a systematic bibliographic review and the incorporation of new knowledge to the analysis and interpretation of its results.

This activity is based on the competencies developed in all the UA (Learning Unit) of the academic program. The student must independently integrate knowledge and skills acquired in the previous learning units for the execution of their research project.

Likewise, this activity will contribute to the integral development of the person and the promotion of the values of honesty, respect, humility, solidarity, responsibility, professional ethics, criticism, self-criticism, tolerance, and care of the environment.

The approval of the thesis will be accredited in the transcript as Research Stay.

In exceptional cases, and provided that it is proven that 100% of the experimental part has been completed, the student who opts for Professional Internship will be able to complete his or her thesis, and in that case, it will be accredited as a Clinical Laboratory Seminar.

Requirements to carry out the thesis of degree + -

  • QCB undergraduate students may choose to submit a thesis as part of the semester activities of the Free Election curriculum area in the PIS-2011 (401) curriculum or as an Optional II curriculum area for integrating professional training in the curriculum 410, career 2.
  • To opt for this modality, the student must have an average equal to or greater than 80 in their undergraduate studies at the time of requesting this option.
  • To opt for this modality, it is required that the student has developed, during the research seminar in the curriculum pis-2011 (401) or research seminar ii in the curriculum 410, career 2, the thesis proposal and the same has been approved by the professors of said course
  • All students who choose this modality must demonstrate (before their enrollment in the tenth semester) have an advance of at least 50% in the research work done. This in order to ensure that the thesis is presented in accordance with the established schedule.
  • For the realization of the thesis, the student must have the advice and follow-up of a thesis director.
  • It is a prerequisite that the thesis supervisor is a professor of the Bachelor's degree and can only accept one thesis student.
  • The Registrar of the QCB Bachelor will coordinate this option and, at the beginning of the semester, will send the interested parties the calendar of activities that both the students and the thesis supervisors must adjust.
  • A collaboration agreement will be signed between the thesis director and the student.
  • The thesis supervisor or the student may request the registrar office to dissolve the agreement for the following reasons:
    • Lack of progress in research
    • For unjustified abandonment for more than one month by either party.
    • By common agreement between director and thesis student.
    • For a demonstrated lack of academic quality of the thesis student.
    • For personal reasons for either party.

Functions of thesis directors + -

The attributions of the thesis Director are:

  • Direct students for the development of thesis projects that have been duly approved by the Undergraduate Department of the QCB Degree.
  • Inform their students of their functions as thesis directors throughout the course.
  • Sign a work commitment letter together with the student.
  • Direct the experimental development of the thesis proposal, taking into account that students will have five months during the semester for the development and final presentation of it.
  • Agree with the department heads the conditions under which they will be granted the required service with the equipment and supplies available.
  • Carry out the programming corresponding to the activities of presentation and reports of progress and completion of its students, according to the semiannual calendar that will be timely received by the Academic Secretariat of the QCB Degree.
  • Monitor compliance by the advised of the requirements established in these Regulations for the submission of the written report and the thesis exam before the committee designated for that purpose.
  • Maintain close contact with the Academic Secretary of the QCB Degree to ensure compliance with the planned objectives.
Thesis commission

The Thesis Commission will be composed of the thesis director, a specialist in the subject to be developed (which may be from the institution or external) and a professor appointed by the Undergraduate Sub-Directorate of the QCB Degree. The specialist will be proposed by the thesis director. Your participation in the committee must be approved by the QCB Subdirectorate