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Chemist Clinical-Biologist Social service

The students of the Bachelor of Clinical Chemistry Biologist that is taught in the School of Medicine of the U.A.N.L. perform their social service from the ninth semester in the areas of Research, Assistance (Health care) and Teaching, in public institutions such as the School of Medicine and University Hospital.

About the Social Service

The activities that students perform during their Social Service provide them with the opportunity to integrate the knowledge acquired during the career, to develop new skills and to collaborate interdisciplinarily with health personnel, as well as being the conduit to partially compensate what was received from the community during their professional training.

The degree of Clinical Chemistry Biologist through its Coordination of Social Service maintains a close relationship with the Directorate of Social Service and Professional Practices of the UANL as it follows the administrative process and guidelines that must be done to request students in Social Service of our University.

The Directorate of Social Service and Professional Practices, has the Procedure for the Registration of Programs for the Application of Students in Social Service, to expedite the procedures to register programs or projects that require Social Service Providers of the different degrees and technical careers offered by our University, as well as the appropriate selection of said Providers.

The process

The process begins with the promotion of timely compliance of the Social Service, through informative meetings. The invitation to these meetings is made by the publication of notices in boards of the School of Medicine and University Hospital. They are invited to comply as it is mandatory and is an essential requirement for the procedures for certification. (Publication in the boards of the School of Medicine and University Hospital).

The registration process of programs must be done within the dates authorized by the Academic Committee of the University Council.

The person in charge of the Program will proceed to register in the Direction of Social Service and Professional Practices of the UANL, the programs in which the participation of students in social service is required, using the format established

The programs registered by the different schools are reviewed and approved where appropriate, by agreement by the Director of Social Service and Professional Practices and/or the Social Service Coordinator of the School.

The number of posts authorized based on the number of students eligible for Social Service by academic year and career

The Social Service Coordinator of QCB gathers the eligible students for the Social Service Induction Course, where they are given the detailed steps to follow during the registration process.

Since the posts of each program have been authorized, the students who are eligible and enrolled in the School to do their Social Service, will register their post online on the scheduled and authorized date by the Academic Committee of the Honorable University Council.

The Directorate of Social Service and Professional Practices issues the appointment in which the starting date of the Social Service is specified. The Regulation of Social Service in its Articles 22 and 23 establishes that the student will perform this activity in a term of not less than six months and not more than twelve, which must be consecutive and dedicate a minimum of 480 or 960 hours to the scheduled activity, distributed in the corresponding period.

Monthly reports of activities must be made, which is signed by the person responsible for the program and delivered to the Social Service coordinator. Failure to do so is cause for cancellation of said Service.

Once the Social Service has been completed, the student will fill out the global report form and Social Service evaluation, which must complete the section of the activities carried out and sign it;. Then he/she will present it to his/her Program Manager so that he/she fills out the evaluation section and will sign it, who will also issue his certificate of completion, so that the student can begin his release process.