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History 20 Aug 2019

Dr. Amado Fernández Muguerza: cultural heritage manager

The doctors of the state have not only stood out in the field of the arts, being Dr. José Eleuterio González the most emblematic, some have contributed to the preservation of cultural heritage

He was born in Monterrey, on April 1, 1857, where he studied basic. He graduated as a surgeon at the National School of Medicine, in 1883, with the thesis "Blenorrhagic ophthalmia." Years later he returned to royal lands to practice Medicine and work in public administration.

He was a professor at the Monterrey School of Medicine, at the end of the 19th century, where he refers as a second-year professor. He was also an instructor and director of the Civil College of Nuevo León, being a full professor of Chemistry, interim secretary (1895-1896) and treasurer (1896-1897). In addition, he was a member of the Public Instruction Council during the regime of Gen. Bernardo Reyes.

One of the actions for which he has been recognized in the area of management and cultural heritage of the region, was the founding of the Archaeological Board of Nuevo León in 1907, whose objectives were “to ensure the conservation of ancient monuments and some works beautiful nature and do archaeological studies and explorations. ”

Among the most important actions of the board, the opinion presented to the State Executive for the protection of historic buildings, such as the Bishopric, stands out.  

In its most active stage, the Government Palace was inaugurated in 1908. A year later, the group promoted preparations for the celebration of the first centenary of Independence, which saw the construction of the Arch of Independence, the arches dotted in the four corners of the Alameda "Porfirio Díaz" (today Mariano Escobedo), a historical-geographical monument in the Plaza del Colegio Civil (known as the "God Ball") and the change of name of the San Luisito neighborhood to that of Colonia Independencia, between others.

He presided over the Organizing Committee of the ceremonies to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of Gonzalitos in 1938.

He died in Monterrey on January 4, 1940, at 3:15 p.m., at the age of 89. His remains rest in the Pantheon of Carmen.