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History Apr 4, 2020

132 death anniversary of Dr. José Eleuterio González

We commemorate the memory of the promoter of medicine in Nuevo León.

At eleven o'clock on the night of April 4, 1888, at the age of 75, Dr. José Eleuterio González Mendoza died (of "liver disease," according to his death certificate). The entire city mourned their loss and dressed in mourning, all social and economic activities were paralyzed.

The School of Medicine took charge of the corpse and embalmed it, between days 5 and 6. The mass of the present body was held on the 7th, in the Hospital chapel, on whose cover the Medicine students placed a tarp, changing the title of Civil Hospital for "Hospital Gonzalitos". Afterwards his remains were taken to the Government Palace, where official funeral honors were paid to him.

On April 8, the body of the meritorious was transferred to the "Hospital Gonzalitos", to be buried. At four o'clock in the afternoon the procession departed, led by state and municipal authorities. Upon arrival at the Hospital, the coffin was placed on the porch, on a simple catafalque. In the background were crepes and legends that accounted for the values of the wise doctor. On the right side of his remains, a tribune was improvised for elegies and funeral prayers. At the conclusion of the ceremony, the coffin was carried to the inner chapel of the hospital, where the following day he was buried on the north wall.

On his grave was placed a tombstone sculpted by F. Ferri with the inscription:

His memory will not perish and his name will be repeated from generation to generation. Ecclesiastical Cap. XXXIX, V.10.

Here lie the mortal remains of the Benemérito de Nuevo León. Dr. José Eleuterio González who knew how to live and die as a good son of God. DEP Monterrey, April 4, 1888.

The Monterrey School of Medicine in memory of its founder.

In his will he left a legacy, with which the upper floor of the old Hospital and the annexed building of the Medical School were built, completed in 1892.

Dr. González persists in memory not only for his scientific, educational and humanistic work, but also for his philanthropy that led him to be loved and recognized by thousands of patients who received his care effectively and disinterestedly, they were the that from the youth of the wise doctor they immortalized him with the nickname of “Gonzalitos”.