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Reports March 8, 2019

The integral health of women: main objective of the DIME student group

The integral health of women: main objective of the DIME student group.

The Student Group Dedicated to the Integral Development of Pregnant Women (DIME) works on issues focused on women's health in an integral way (physical, mental and social areas) but with emphasis on gynecology and obstetrics. All stages of women's development are covered.

The main objectives of the group is the dissemination of information to the society and student community, since in many cases the correct information is not available. They do this through their social networks, as well as in various activities: symposia, workshops for health professionals, informative talks in schools and internal training.

What moves members is to inform citizens more, so that they do not fall into false messages or have no validity.

Among the main topics the group focuses on are:

  • Teenage pregnancy: seeking prevention, as it has increased considerably in Mexico, many of these high-risk pregnancies.
  • Cervical Cancer: It is the second leading cause of cancer death in women in Mexico, followed by breast cancer. However, few people know of its existence.
  • Contraceptive methods: for young women who start their active sex life, so they address the information to break down myths and prejudices. Talking about the diversity of methods that exist.

Some of the members:

Ariel Rivera Vega
Group leader, 10th semester
2 and a half years in the group

Ariel points out that constant training is key to giving real and clear information to women, “we are always studying, this to confirm the information and we also have the support of the Department of Obstetrics with Dr. Abel Gúzman López, advisor of the group” .

“We perform many actions for society, such as going to nursing homes to give information to older adults. We also collect items to support other organizations. ”

"What I like most about DIME is the knowledge that I can acquire and the fact of bringing information to people who didn't have it so they can improve their conditions."

Susana Carolina Treviño
9th semester
1 year and a half in the group

"Gynecology is a specialty that has always attracted my attention, DIME has opened the doors for me to learn more about this subject."

"What I enjoy is the mutual enrichment of the members, the contact we have with other specialist doctors and patients, is quite fruitful."

“In addition, thanks to belonging to this group, it has given me the restlessness of the investigation, being in the group the things are facilitated more to approach residents and doctors that can give me more knowledge”.

Laura Alejandra Rodríguez
10th semester
1 year and a half in the group

"Informing people who don't have any knowledge about everything that addresses women's health is quite enriching for me, as a new perspective opens up for them."

“Another great benefit for my student and professional life is the practice, knowing all the maneuvers in the training and attention to the patients, because day by day we prepare and look for more information. Always with the thought of expanding more. ”

Francisco Maldonado
10th semester
1 year and a half in the group

"It is a great activity to belong to groups of the Faculty, before entering I was searching among the other groups and DIME caught my attention, because I am interested in continuing with the subject of Gynecology."

“What I enjoy is doing all the activities in the group, such as organizing events and giving informative talks. This has helped me to develop better, to speak in public and to acquire more knowledge ”.

Next Women's Health Fair

On Tuesday, March 12, 2019, DIME will be holding its Women's Health Fair, this within the framework of International Women's Day, with the support of other Gestimed groups that will address the entire perspective and stages of women. In addition there will be the participation of the Student Federation of Women of the UANL.

The appointment is in the Lobby of the Multipurpose Auditorium from 11 am to 4 pm, and will be an event focused on students in the area of health, general practitioners and the general public.