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Reports Apr 30, 2019

GEDIPEN, student group focused on the comprehensive health of children

For the members of the group, it is not about identifying the most relevant diseases in the country or worldwide, it is also about raising awareness among children

The Student Group Dedicated to the Comprehensive Development and Prevention of Diseases in Children (Gedipen) of Gestimed, which in turn is part of the Secretary of Student Affairs (SEASE), has the mission of promoting the comprehensive development of minors, providing information on diseases, assisting communities and schools to give talks to children and their families.

For the members, it is not only about identifying the most relevant diseases in the country or worldwide, it is also about raising awareness among the little ones, so that they have an idea of their health, that they themselves can identify their discomforts and what is good or bad for your well-being.  

Providing all this information to the student and general community is simple, because the members of Gedipen are kept in constant training, thanks to the support of their advisor, Dr. José Miguel Hinojosa Lezama, as well as the different specialists in the Department of Pediatrics of the University Hospital, who give internal courses and workshops.  

Of the main events that Gedipen holds each year are: the World Down Syndrome Day Fair to encourage care for these patients; activities and events focused on patients with hemophilia; intervention in the Day of the Premature Child in the Pediatric Tower of the HU; as well as a Symposium focused on comprehensive care for children in situations of risk, so that doctors know how to deal with these cases.

Meet some of its members:

Ana Paula Asbun Morales

CCM 7th semester, 2 and a half years in the group

Gedipen leader

 “I have always liked working with children and when they held promotional events for the group, I saw it as a great opportunity to grow and learn more about the subject. Also, it is a place where I can support society and leave my grain of sand”.

“We are a very united group, we always support each other. Since we all like the subject of Pediatrics, we all help each other grow little by little. As a person and professional.

"We teach children mainly to have good health and personal hygiene, we talk about accident prevention and another issue is to prevent childhood obesity, with motivation for children to have physical activity and good nutrition."

Paola Lizeth Zamora Martínez

CCM 7th semester, 2 and a half years in the group

Gedipen Sub-Leader

 “Pediatrics calls me and I feel the responsibility of bringing the correct information to parents and children. Because if we make a child strong, this will not have repercussions in his adult life.

"What I like most about the group is the union that exists, we all care about the health of pediatric patients."

“We seek through our social networks to share topics of interest, articles on a weekly basis with information. And not only focused on health, also issues of bullying and domestic violence, and its involvement in children. ”

Ana Karina Flores González

MCP 6th semester, 1 year and a half in the group

Sub-coordinator group of academics

 “Since before entering the race I have always gotten along well with children, and combining this talent with the vocation is very nice. In addition, I have learned a lot in the group, I hope to be a Pediatrician in the future”.

“What I like is that we all have a lot of commitment to move forward. The group has a lot of support from the Doctors, it is very active and we carry out many activities”.

"The symposiums we organize are focused on medical staff, but also on fathers and mothers who have concerns, as well as for people and students of other faculties."

Jorge Alberto la Fuente Martínez

MCP 10th semester, 1 year and a half in the group

 “Since I joined the group I was interested in Pediatrics and wanted to know more about it. I think that raising a whole child, both physically and emotionally, is the best.”

“Here we help each other grow as students and future doctors. We all support each other to learn more.”  

“We know that there are anti-vaccine movements, we focus on disseminating correct and updated information based on scientific sources about the use of vaccines and their benefits. We seek to break this type of myth, so that the community is more informed and less stigmatized. ”

The members made it clear that having a vocation (in this case by Pediatrics) is the key to development as a medical student. Being in a group like Gestimed, complement student life and personal development.

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