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Hospital Aug 15, 2018

University Hospital starts work on the expansion of the Shock Trauma building

Due to the demand for more space in the emergency department, an expansion project began.

Currently, the University Hospital receives 60,000 patients in the emergency department per year, this saturates the unit with insufficient infrastructure for patient care

That is why, the expansion of the Shock Trauma area has begun with a three-story building, with foundations to grow up to seven more. In which a floor dedicated exclusively to a more comfortable and spacious waiting room for family members of emergency patients is thought.

This work is expected to be completed within approximately 10 months, and in a next stage two underground tunnels will be incorporated to connect with other areas of the hospital.

During this event there was the presence of:

The rector of the UANL, MEC Rogelio Guillermo Garza Rivera.
Dr. Santos Guzmán López, Academic Secretary of UANL.
Director of the Faculty of Medicine and the University Hospital, Dr. Med. Edelmiro Pérez Rodríguez.
Dr. Med. Marco Antonio Hernández Guedea, Deputy Director of the University Hospital.