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Gestimed 5 Aug 2019

They carry out the World Breastfeeding Week Fair at the Faculty of Medicine

Different groups of GESTIMED join with the intention of exposing, through activities and talks, the importance of breastfeeding

Through the GEDIPEN, DIME and NUTRIRE groups, belonging to GESTIMED, a fair was held focusing on World Breastfeeding Week last Friday, August 2 in the Electronic Microscope Parking, where different cubicles were established informative and activities, in addition to the talks focused on the subject.

The authorities that were present:

  • Dr. Guillermo Jacobo Baca, Secretary of Student Affairs of the Faculty of Medicine.
  • Dr. Enrique A. Butcher López, Coordinator of GESTIMED.
  • Dr. José Hinojosa, GEDIPEN consulting professor
  • Dr. Ericka Ochoa.
  • Dr. Enrique Mendoza.
  • The Ministry of Health of Nuevo León.

World Breastfeeding Week takes place from August 1 to 7 and around 170 countries are those that commemorate and support this initiative proclaimed by WHO and UNICEF since 1992 that aims to protect, promote and support the Breastfeeding, being the best method of providing the newborn with the nutrients it needs.

As if that were not enough, some benefits that breastfeeding brings are that it favors a higher IQ for the baby and provides a lower risk of gastrointestinal infections, respiratory diseases, risks of being overweight and diabetes in adulthood.