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Gestimed Nov 14, 2018

Prozique, reporting on mental health

Mental illnesses have increased in recent years globally and the Prozique group works on these issues.

Prozique It is a student group that is part of Gestimed, and they work for mental health. His way of impacting more people is with the dissemination of self-care and those around us. Sharing information between students, teachers, graduates and the entire community of the health sector.

They have a variety of activities to achieve this goal, such as workshops, talks, symposia, content on social networks and film screening with analysis of the pathologies of the characters.

Some of its members:

Bernardino Najera Delgado
9th semester

“Mental health is a worldwide problem, the most important thing in this is prevention. One of the factors that make these statistics grow is the stigma that exists, what will they think if they see me in Psychiatry. I see it unfortunate that so many mental problems arise, when help is just around the corner. ”

“By being in the group I have obtained many experiences and lessons. I have achieved personal and professional achievements, in short, the most valuable of the group are the personal lessons and the challenges met. ”

Luisa Gabriela Argueta Gómez
10th semester
Sub Coordinator

“There are many myths, stigmas and fears surrounding mental illness. In addition, it has a lot to do with the lifestyle we currently have, as there are increasingly more demands and pressures to try to live well. ”

“Prozique is a very diverse group with all kinds of personalities, where we learn to get along. The support within the group is very good. And another benefit is that we learn to interact with many people and have opportunities in the events for professional growth. ”

José Luis Ramos Cabrera
2nd semester

“All the activities we have serve us a lot to break down fears, each time seeking improvement from others. Since many avoid going to a professional making excuses, such as lack of money, time and others. ”

“The group has a great atmosphere, each person who enters adapts very well. In addition, it is a preparation for the following semesters of the race ”.



World Mental Health Day

One of its most important events during the August-December semester is the Mental Health Day event, this year the activity focused mainly on conditions that affect young people, declared as the main axis by the World Health Organization ( WHO).

The stands presented were on suicide prevention, violence in general and in courtship, depression, anxiety and eating disorders. Here attendees were able to carry out activities, dynamics and information in the various conferences held by professionals in the area.