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Reports Feb 25, 2019

Decision, objectives and discipline surrounds the Weightlifting team of Medicine

Know the technical principles of the start and the two times by joining the representative weightlifting team of our institution.

The sports team of Weightlifting Our faculty is in the search of new members who like the discipline, exercise, organization and above all who are interested in weightlifting.

The objectives of the team Weightlifting of the Faculty of Medicine is going up the steps in the table of positions of the competitions of novices and veterans, both women and men; In addition, students who want to join the team are invited without fear of entering this sport.

For the members of Weightlifting Training is basically the essential thing apart from having a lot of discipline, training effectively and never neglecting the goal. It is a sport that with disposition can be achieved and combined with the study properly.

Weightlifting members:


David Ismael Rodríguez Soto
MCP 9th semester, 1 year and a half in the team
Weightlifting Coach

“I practice weightlifting since I was 11 years old, I was selected in Nuevo León, I competed representing the state, that's why I have the experience there; I am a student and coach of the team ”.

"I think you can combine school and discipline, it is not exclusive to being in one or the other, you can combine very well regardless of the semester."

“I have always said that to do something right you need perseverance, I say (to the members of weightlifting) you dedicate yourself to your school first and then to the sport and I give you an example of other athletes who go higher, I tell them that if he can why not you and then I motivate them that way. ”

“I invite the students who want to incorporate that they are not afraid because maybe they think it is a sport for men, even now, on the card there are more women who are going to compete than men.


Karla Patricia Villanueva Hernández
MCP 12th semester, 2 and a half years the team
Weightlifting member

“My personal goal is to win the first place, which has not been given until now and as a team we want to increase the place of the entire women's and men's group; As for women, we already won two consecutive semesters in 3rd place as a group so we also want to raise to 2nd or 1st place. ”

“I, personally, if I have had a little more physical condition, my body was conforming, I grabbed that muscle mass that I didn't have before; really everything is a balance, that you know how to combine exercise and diet, so if I have improved a lot in my physical appearance and my health ”.

Felipe Posadas
MCP 8th semester, 4 years in the team
Weightlifting member

“Sometimes it is a sacrifice an hour or two of time, but it is pure discipline, not only in the sports field but also in school and even at work. You always have to have that perseverance and keep in mind the personal and group objective, give us the time and rest that is very important for athletes and finally stay out of training and competition. ”

“The benefits that I see are in health, keeping us with good diets, good exercises, always being in coordination with the couch to do things well and, in terms of physical condition, you also increase your performance, not everything is power, not everything is explosive exercise, you also have to keep a little cardiovascular and ends up being something healthy, it clears your mind. ”

Finally, the members of Weightlifting of the Faculty of Medicine they emphasize that a good average, a mental and physical health can be maintained at the same time in addition to being open to any student who has doubts about the sport so that they are encouraged to practice with them and belong to this family of athletes. They emphasize that nobody should be afraid to discipline themselves in life and have the attitude of managing their time well.


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