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History March 11, 2019

Women in Medicine

Learn about the first reference you have about women as students in our Medical School.

The first reference we have about women as students in our Medical School was in 1853, when Dr. José Eleuterio González opened under the tutelage of the Health Council, a Department of Births, aimed at men and women.

On July 2, 1873, the School of Medicine received a request from Elena Knapp to be accredited as a midwife, the jury was composed of doctors Antonio Lafón, José Ygnacio de la Garza García and Juan de Dios Treviño, who They approved it unanimously. She is considered the first accredited midwife in Nuevo León.

On October 12, 1915, Governor Pablo A. de la Garza, declared the School of Nursing, attached to the School of Medicine inaugurated, the enrollment being open, the first course began in November, with an enrollment of 18 women.

Catalina Olivo Villarreal, was the first woman to enter professionally in medicine in Nuevo León. In order to carry out his studies at the Medical School, he had to request the consent of the executive branch, studying from 1927 to 1933.

His professional exam was carried out on March 8 and 9, 1935. He first presented his thesis "Contribution to the study of diphtheria vaccination" and answered some questions about issues such as placenta previa, intrinsic innervation of the heart and surgical technique of appendicitis, between others. The next day, he did the practical test at the González Hospital and was unanimously approved.

On June 30, 1948, Dr. Roberto Treviño Martínez, director of the Faculty, sent an official letter to the rector of the University, in which he requested his authorization to start in the month of September of that year the career of Clinical Laboratory , the first generation began with 13 students, mostly women, so this race from its inception was marked by female preference.

Currently, of the 7438 students who study for the Parterous Surgeon, 48.29% are women, while in the Biologist Clinical Chemistry career the female population represents 34.7%