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Gestimed March 21, 2019

Advanced Advanced Sutures Course in Upper Extremity

The GECIMANEP group taught, with the support of plastic surgeons, its XVII and XVIII suture courses.

The Student Group of Peripheral Hand and Nerve Surgery (GECIMANEP) carried out its well-known Advanced Sutures Course in its seventeenth and eighteenth editions on March 11 and 20 respectively at the Center for Evaluation and Surgical Medical Training (CEVAM ) of the University Hospital “Dr. José Eleuterio González ”

The workshops focused on wound management and types of sutures and were taught by Dr. Sergio Armando Pérez Porras and Dr. Héctor Carranza, both plastic surgeons.


In addition, there was the presence of Dr. Guillermo Jacobo Baca, Secretary of Student Affairs, Dr. Enrique Alberto Butcher López, coordinator of Gestimed and Dr. Mauricio García Pérez, coordinator of GECIMANEP, who thanked the great attendance to the course that, As on every occasion that is done, he got a great response.