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University 29 Jan 2020

Perform graduation ceremony of Surgeon and Midwife

There were 375 students who completed their curriculum and attended the act of completion.

Last Friday, January 24, the graduation ceremony for the 2014-2020 generation of the Surgeon and Midwifery career was held at the Multipurpose Auditorium of the Faculty of Medicine.

Graduates of the Faculty of Medicine. Multipurpose Auditorium.

This event was held at 9:00, 12:00 and 15:00 hours, and where a total of 375 students gathered to formally conclude their studies.

The graduation ceremony was chaired by the authorities: Dr. med. Edelmiro Pérez Rodríguez, Director of the Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital “Dr. José Eleuterio González ”.

Dr. med. Manuel Enrique de la O Cavazos, Secretary of Health of the State of Nuevo León.

Dr. C. Rodrigo Enrique Elizondo Omaña, Deputy Director of Undergraduate Studies of the Degree of Surgeon and Midwife.

Dr. C. Guillermo Elizondo Riojas, Academic secretary.

Dr. Guillermo Jacobo Baca, Secretary of Student Affairs.

Authorities present at graduation ceremony.

Dr. med. Manuel Enrique de la O Cavazos, who was the godfather of the generation, congratulated all the graduates since from that moment they would join as great doctors and having in their hands a great commitment to maintain health.

In addition, the Faculty of Medicine distinguished the first four places of the generation, giving them recognition and an academic amulet:

1st place: Eugenia Margarita Ramos Dávila.

2nd place: Jaime Blázquez Saldaña.

3rd place: Salvador Lugo Pérez.

4th place: Diego Guzmán González.

1st place of the generation. Multipurpose Auditorium.

In the ceremonies were present Cultural Dissemination Student Groups such as: Mediglee, the female Rondalla and the male Rondalla, threatening the act of termination of studies and who also dismissed the student members who from then on would become exintegrants.

Rondalla group. Multipurpose Auditorium.

Masters of ceremonies:

Dr. Carlos Alberto Leal Cavazos.

Dr. Carlos Augusto López Acevo.

Dr. Francisco Santos.