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University Nov 20, 2018

Students of Academic Exchange in Germany

The experiences of students in their academic exchange with Germany has been quite rewarding in this first month.

A group of students from our Faculty traveled from school to the University of Cologne, Germany, to study for a whole year in this space.

This is possible, thanks to the international agreement and the relationship between the Undergraduate Department of MCP and the German University. A great experience that will undoubtedly be for students of professional and personal benefit.


Learn more about their experience:

Carolina Quintanilla Sánchez, 11th semester

"Excited to live this, I am open to learn what I can and develop more as a person."

Ernesto Picón Galindo, 11th semester

"Very grateful to the institution for the opportunity to learn and put up my school and country."

Elsa Laura Zertuche González, 11th semester

"I see it as a great experience to train better as a doctor and person."

Isaac Aguirre Palafox, 11th semester

"Excited about an exchange that will help me to be a better professional, a better person and to know a little more about the world."