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The Academic Committee of the Honorable University Council, in accordance with the General Regulations on the Admission and Permanence of Students and established by the Honorable University Council, summon:


On Saturday, May 21, 2022, a mock exam will be applied, at the time mentioned on your registration confirmation sheet. The evaluation test will be applied on Saturday June 04, 2022 :

  • The applicant will be evaluated through an online application, where it will be necessary to have a computer connected to the internet. Details will be posted in the related online exam application document.
  • The exam that will be applied will be a test of reasoning and basic knowledge of the baccalaureate level.
  • The exam and the answers used are the physical and intellectual property of the service provider in accordance with the agreement established with the UANL
  • In no case will the exam be administered on a different date or time.
Assignment of applicants

Applicants will be accepted at the Faculty of their choice according to the following procedure:

  • According to the score obtained in the exam, each Faculty will make a list with the names of the applicants ordered from highest to lowest.
  • When the demand is greater than the capacity of the Faculty, preference will be given to applicants with the highest scores.
  • Applicants not accepted and those accepted who do not make their final registration in this period, may compete again in the next call.
Results Following