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Student services

Find the different services that the Faculty of Medicine has for you.

Tutoring Coordination + -

Tutorías. Facultad de Medicina UANL.

The objective of this Coordination is to organize and monitor the Tutoring Program established by the UANL. For this reason and to fulfill the central purposes of tutoring, to provide support to students for the direct improvement in their academic activity throughout their career, as well as for the improvement of their study habits and strategies and fundamentally, accompany them in the reflections that favor the relevance of their choices to build their curriculum in a flexible curriculum, through this Coordination, each teacher of this Bachelor is assigned a Professor-Tutor, which will be the same during The entire career of the student.

What is tutoring?

It is a dynamic process of academic accompaniment that the tutor carries out throughout the student's training process generating a link to help him improve academic performance, solve school problems, develop study habits promoting the human and academic development of the student with the purpose that this achieves the permanence and culmination of the degree

What is Group Tutoring?

Accompaniment process of a group of students with the purpose of creating a group communication and orientation space, where students have the possibility to review and discuss with their tutor topics that are of interest, concern, concern as well as to solve problems school children, develop study habits, reflection and coexistence.

It is an obligation of the teacher and a right of the student to participate in the Tutoring Program, in which each student is assigned a teacher so that together they identify situations of academic risk and seek solutions.

For more information:
Dr. Aldo Ramirez Campos
Coordination of the Tutoring and Talent Program
Tel (81) 8329 4050 ext. 2820
Tutorías. Facultad de Medicina UANL.

Scholarship Coordination + -

Becas. Facultad de Medicina UANL.

This Coordination is responsible for receiving and following up the procedures for applying for a Scholarship for the Bachelor of Surgeon and Midwifery and Clinical Chemist Biologists. It is located on the 3rd floor of the Faculty of Medicine, in the Academic Coordination Area.

For more information:
Lic. Isela Adriana Martínez Vázquez
Scholarship Coordination
Tel (81) 8329 4050 ext. 2818 and 2819
Becas. Facultad de Medicina UANL.

Talent Coordination + -

Coordinación de Talentos. Facultad de Medicina UANL.

The program of development of university talents, whose main objective is to promote and encourage academically outstanding students to participate in a series of activities and learning experiences that engage them in their own development, both personal and professional, institutional and that of their community .

For more information: Dr. Aldo Ramirez Campos
Coordination of the Tutoring and Talent Program
Tel (81) 8329 4050 ext. 2820
Coordinación de Talentos. Facultad de Medicina UANL.

Psychological Support + -

Apoyo Psicológico. Facultad de Medicina UANL.

This Coordination was created with the objective of providing psychological counseling to the students of the Bachelor of Physician and Midwifery and Biologist Clinical Chemist during their stay in the Faculty. For her role she has two Bachelor's degrees in Psychology with a master's degree and experience in the area. The Coordination supports the student to guide him in how to deal with situations generated by stress during the race; It applies psychometric exams to first-year students and conducts research with their results, in a way that allows the evaluation of the emotional factors that enable or interfere with the students' good academic performance.

For more information:
Lic. Edith Esther Hernández Galarza
Psychological Support Coordination
Phone (81) 8329 4050 ext. 2868
Apoyo Psicológico. Facultad de Medicina UANL.

Pedagogical Support + -

Apoyo Pedagógico. Facultad de Medicina UANL.

Organizes and coordinates students in self-learning groups with common interests and objectives around a discipline such as the organization and planning of time for learning, changing attitudes and changing study habits, memory and control of attention among others.

For more information:
Lic. Martha Susana Hernández Garza
Pedagogical Support Coordination
Tel (81) 8329 4050 ext. 2502
Apoyo Pedagógico. Facultad de Medicina UANL.

Student mobility + -

Movilidad Estudiantil. Facultad de Medicina UANL.

Student mobility refers to the physical displacement of students from one Institution of Higher Education to another. This coordination is responsible for promoting, encouraging and developing student exchange programs at the undergraduate level through the creation of academic cooperation agreements with other Higher Education Institutions.

For more information:
Dr. Carlos Alberto Leal Cavazos
Student Mobility Coordination
Tel (81) 8329 4050 ext. 4156
Movilidad Estudiantil. Facultad de Medicina UANL.

Gestimed Coordination + -

Coordinación de Gestimed. Facultad de Medicina UANL.

The GESTIMED Coordination is responsible for organizing and supporting the different student work and research groups in Medicine (currently 36 groups) and each of its advisory professors, student coordinators, members and collaborators develops a function with specific attributions and obligations .

Each of the groups is made up of 10 members (1 coordinator, 1 sub-coordinator, plus 8 official members), which meet the following criteria:

  • Be a regular student of the UANL School of Medicine
  • Have a minimum average of 80 obtained in the previous semester
  • Be a second year student

They must participate in all the activities requested by the Coordination of GESTIMED and its Academic Advisor. They must also be at the forefront in relation to scientific medical knowledge in order to provide the community with good and quality information.

In addition, each of these groups has 10 to 15 collaborating students, who support the activities carried out by each of the groups in which they are integrated.

Belonging to these groups, in addition to receiving a special gain of information and academic training, use the facilities of SEASE, each of them is awarded 5 scholarships for internal fees according to the performance and performance of their activities.

The GESTIMED Coordination serves the community through assistance, teaching and scientific research through the working groups.


  • Develop training and continuing education programs for the members of the working groups.
  • Serve as a means of linking between the community and the working groups, providing what is necessary to successfully carry out their activities.
  • Promote and strengthen moral values to achieve a humanistic vision in the professional practice of student groups.
  • Promote, strengthen and facilitate scientific research, both basic and clinical, in all student work groups
  • Contribute to the training of professional careers of Surgeon and Midwifery and Clinical Chemist Biologist with a comprehensive approach to Medicine, based on the development of skills and abilities in the areas of health promotion and disease prevention through an extracurricular tutoring program. -Diffuse and impart education to the community through various activities to raise awareness about risk factors and basic knowledge for their better quality of life.


Central Library Basement

For more information:
Dr. Enrique Alberto Butcher López
Gestimed Coordination
Tel (81) 8329 4050 ext. 2694
Coordinación de Gestimed. Facultad de Medicina UANL.

Working groups that belong to Gestimed:


Student Research Group in Orthopedics and Bone and Tissue Bank


Student Group dedicated to Preventing Cardiovascular Diseases


Research and Orientation Group for the Prevention of Diabetes Mellitus


Student Group dedicated to the Integral development of Pregnant Women


Student Group for the Quality of Care and Patient Safety


Student Group dedicated to Breast Cancer Prevention.


Student Group Against Neurological Diseases


Student Group with Interests in the Surgical Field


Palliative Care and Pain Student Group


Student Group dedicated to the Prevention of Dermatological Conditions


Student Group dedicated to Research in the Field of Radiology and Training Studies in Diagnostic Imaging


Student Group dedicated to Integral Development and Prevention of Diseases in Children


Student Group dedicated to Asthma Education


Student Group for the Prevention and Research of Infectious Diseases


Student Group dedicated to the Research of Rheumatic Diseases.


Student Group dedicated to Urology Research


Student Group of Forensic Medicine and Tanatology


Pediatric Neurology Student Group


Student Group dedicated to Research in Otolaryngology


Sexual Education and Orientation Group


Student Group dedicated to the Prevention and attention of Burns and their Aftermath


Student Group dedicated to the Study and Prevention of Gastrointestinal Diseases


Student Group responsible for the Orientation and Needs of the Third Age


Student Group of Peripheral Hand and Nerve Surgery


Student Group dedicated to AIDS Research and Prevention


Student Group dedicated to Cancer Research and Prevention


Student Research Group on Adolescent Health


Vision Disease Prevention Group


Student Group in Innovation and Technological Development in Medicine


Student Group dedicated to the Diffusion of Organ and Tissue Donation Culture


Student Group dedicated to Child Nutrition Research


Student Group for the Prevention of Accidents and First Aid


Student Group dedicated to Mental Health Information


Clinical Chemist Biologist


Student Group dedicated to the Study of Embolism and Stroke


University Service Oriented on Drug Abuse Prevention

Coordination of Student Affairs in Art and Sociocultural + -

Movilidad Estudiantil. Facultad de Medicina UANL.

The Coordination of Student Affairs in Art and Sociocultural of the SEASE is the office that is responsible for the cultural management of the UANL School of Medicine.

She is responsible for designing, administering and executing the cultural policies of the institution. In addition, it has the commitment to spread the culture in its different forms.

It strives to stimulate the initiative and participation of the student community in the cultural life of the Faculty of Medicine and the University through extra-academic programs and encourages artistic creation in its different forms of expression. Linking and coordinating with university units and other related organizations.

The coordination has the function of being the department of cultural diffusion, involving the community of this type of activities and also contributes to assessing the preservation and dissemination of the heritage of the local, national and universal cultural heritage.

Currently the groups that integrate it actively participate in platforms such as national competitions, as well as in artistic tours inside and outside the UANL, cultural spaces are also involved in different municipalities of Nuevo León where they are invited. Therefore, we constantly work to create new cultural content and current artistic proposals.

Like everything that happens in our faculty, the practice of equity is given priority, through equal opportunities in the participation and leadership of its groups, always with respect, human sensitivity and values. Finally, it seeks to improve human and social treatment among medical students.

Cultural History

The initiative to form what is now the cultural dean group of our faculty, the scenic group IATROS formed mainly by students, made theater performances, as well as music magazines that were presented for a long time in the classroom for more than fifty years 18 located in the basement of the east wing of our faculty. Years later in 1980 the Rondalla of the Faculty of Medicine emerges, an assembly that soon became nationally famous thanks to the success in its presentations. Since then he has won the most important competitions in the country always participating in the highest category.

The rondalla has more than 35 years with 8 generations and three albums of talent and musical bohemia. In 2005, the Women's Rondalla of the Faculty of Medicine emerges which, trying to make its own history, complements the opposite genre to its predecessor in musical activity. Forging his own path and highlighting from the beginning with his joyful singing achieving the first places in local and national competitions being 2017 another year of success to be two-time national champions. To these groups were added and resolved other concerns of our students such as Radiomedicine whose members have managed to excel within the University by achieving first and second place in the participation in the Express 2017 contest in the Radio Spot category organized by the Office of Student Affairs of the UANL.

Other groups that work for the community are Medicine, Mediglee, Ballet Folkloric "Tzapotlatenan", White Snakes Crew, Reading Circle "Pedro Garfias" and finally the most recent Chamber Assembly of the Faculty of Medicine.

The SEASE has its own spaces for the constant practice of the different disciplines of these groups. It has a rehearsal room, as well as a radio booth.

For more information:
Dr. David Abraham Vázquez González
Coordination of Student Affairs in Art and Sociocultural
Tel (81) 8329 4050 ext. 2694
Movilidad Estudiantil. Facultad de Medicina UANL.

Grupos de cultura:




Yoga Medicina


Tai Chi Cultura Oriental China

Sports Affairs Coordination + -

Movilidad Estudiantil. Facultad de Medicina UANL.

The Coordination is responsible for carrying out activities for our students, which provides the development of sports skills, companionship, teamwork, as well as physical health personally. It also provides advice and support to all disciplines of the medical school in all branches and / or categories, as well as in both intra and extra university competitions.

Official sports that the Faculty has:

Sport Category
Chess Men's / Women's
ATHLETICS Men's / Women's
BASKETBALL Men's / Women's
BOX Men's / Women's
CYCLING Men's / Women's
FAST FOOTBALL Men's / Women's
FAST FOOTBALL Men's / Women's
FUTBOL SOCCER Men's / Women's
HANDBALL Men's / Women's
JUDO Men's / Women's
KARATE DO Men's / Women's
KUNG FU Men's / Women's
LIMA LAMA Men's / Women's
OLYMPIC FIGHT Men's / Women's
SWIMMING Men's / Women's
SOFTBALL Men's / Women's
TAEKWONDO Men's / Women's
TENNIS Men's / Women's
TABLE TENNIS Men's / Women's
TOCHITO Feminine
VOLLEYBALL Men's / Women's

* To have access to the gymnasium of the Faculty of Medicine, all you need is to be an enrolled student of the faculty and to register your fingerprint in the School and Archive registration windows on the 2nd floor of the Faculty.

For more information:
Dr. Juan Manuel Carmona Pulido
Sports Affairs Coordination
Tel (81) 8329 4050 ext. 2694
Movilidad Estudiantil. Facultad de Medicina UANL.