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MCP student profile

Degree in Medicine


To train health professionals with academic excellence in the various disciplines of biomedical sciences and thus, carry out their care, teaching and research tasks for innovation within an ethical, humanitarian and inclusive framework, with a broad spirit of service and social responsibility, with capacity for self-criticism and continuous updating of their knowledge, strengthening their integral development.

Occupational field

  • Public institutions
  • Instituciones privadas
  • Teaching
  • Biomedical research


Authentic vocation and a great spirit of service with an inclination to the biological sciences, chemistry, physics, mathematics, English, and computing. Love for their fellow human beings, sensitivity, study habits, resistance to stress, readiness for continuing education and strict adherence to moral and ethical principles. Must possess an entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and leadership, ability to communicate properly, both orally and written. Discipline, responsibility, honesty, self-criticism, and ability to work individually and in a team.

Graduate profile Professionals

He is a competent doctor in the prevention and resolution of the main health problems of the first level of care of the individual and the community, from a biopsychosocial and inclusive perspective, with a high moral and ethical sense, with comprehensive training, leadership and ability to collaborative work, willing to acquire continuous medical education and prepared to enter a postgraduate degree, always capable of innovating and generating knowledge with social responsibility.


Scientific basis of medicine

It includes the human being as a biological, psychological and social entity, in the different

stages of life, with knowledge of the solid scientific foundations of medicine,

on which it bases decision making and medical actions.


  • Holistic understanding of the human being.
  • Health disease interrelation.
  • Resolution of medical problems.


Professional clinical practice

Field of diagnosis and management of patient care effectively and



  • Diagnosis of health problems.
  • Resolution of health problems.


Critical Thinking and Research

Knowledge of the solid scientific foundations of medicine and the application of

Scientific method in solving medical problems.


  • Scientific thought.
  • Evaluation, reflection and self-criticism.


Professional values and ethics

Exercise of professional ethics within the framework of the fundamental principles and values of

The humanity.


  • Practice of ethical and moral principles inherent in the profession.
  • Establishment of respect relationships.


Organizational work

Perception and recognition of the characteristics, properties and dimensions of the

organizations that provide health services, their different work teams and

relationships that occur inside and outside them.


  • Organizational awareness.
  • Teamwork


Personal and professional development

Continuous search for the necessary means to increase their knowledge,

professional skills and attitudes and for integral personal growth.


  • Personal development.
  • Specialization and continuous training.
  • Time management



Atmosphere of effective communication within which mutual learning occurs with and

among patients, their families, health team members, colleagues and the public in



  • Social relationships.
  • Analysis and information management


Social commitment

Promotion and prevention of both individual and community health in collaboration


  • Health promotion in the community.




Formar Médicos Cirujanos y Parteros, capaces de realizar una atención primaria integral,

of health risk factors and conditions with a higher incidence

and prevalence in Mexico and the world, with quality, ethical and humanistic values,

social and self-critical commitment in the practice of medicine; ready to take

conduct graduate studies, aware of the importance of continuing education and

with the basic tools to develop research.