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History 3 Jul 2018

Plan of the González Hospital of 1901

Learn the history of the first civil hospital that had the city of Monterrey, work managed in the nineteenth century by Dr. José Eleuterio González.

In the photographic collection of our Museum Room, this copy is preserved, whose original is protected by the General State Archive. It is signed by Ing. Ernesto García Ortiz, dated May 24, 1901

The plan corresponds to the construction of the first civil hospital that had the city of Monterrey, a work managed since the mid-nineteenth century by Dr. José Eleuterio González, which by then had already 40 years of providing service to the community and had received some extensions.

Among the most important spaces of the building, it stands out on the ground floor: administration, address, pharmacy, operating room, men's pension room, men's medicine room, surgery room, venereal-syphilitic women's room, medicine room for women, women pensioners room, chapel, inspection waiting room, disinfection stove areas, bacteriology and histology cabinet, experimental animal storage, kitchen, shower room, cells for insane women, dining room, cells for insane man, basement of the amphitheater, toilets, park walkers, special stairs, park gazebo, garden, laundry rooms, hallway and others.

On the upper floor is the amphitheater, infectious room, urinary tract room, medicine room for men, dining room, director's rooms, tiled, among others. In the subway, the departments for rabbits inoculated with sage and the deposit of sick clothes are mentioned.

The hospital was in operation until 1943, when the hospital is transferred to the building that today occupies the name of University Hospital "Dr. JE González ”, and the land together with the old building were acquired by the federal government in 1948, who determined to destroy the construction to build on that site the Hospital of Zone No. 21 of the IMSS.

(Plan integration, originally sectioned: Juanita Cristerna; Photography: Erik Guzmán)