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Reports 12 Feb 2019

PAYPA Group: Preventing situations of risk in human life through first aid

For PAYPA members it is very important that all people know the basics of first aid.

The group of Accident Prevention and First Aid (PAYPA) It is a group whose mission is to provide the general population with the tools and procedures necessary to prevent and help adequately in case of accidents, in addition to actively participating with institutions such as Civil Protection and private ambulances.

PAYPA It is born from the fact that in Mexico there is no comprehensive first aid education to human life and taking into account that, according to statistics and articles, the population can increase their probability of life in emergency situations with actions such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

As if that were not enough, the group PAYPA, It is also dedicated to the realization of workshops and symposiums for people who do not belong to the health system and who do not have knowledge of the help services in order to inform about the risks that are in the community continuously.

Some of the members:

Thin Rosary
MCP 8th semester, 2 and a half years in the group
PAYPA Leader

"I like this a lot about how to know how to act and more than anything to impart how to act outside the area because also here in the Hospital a person can be unemployed and residents and MIPs are the ones who take care of the patient."

“PAYPA has helped me a lot to know how to organize myself and how to organize others, how to give them roles, how to make them have the confidence to do things together with you. This makes you more proactive, makes you lose your fear and helps you talk to people, how to explain something and teach them more things. ”

“One recommendation that I would give for burns, small or large, is not to apply tomato, mustard or anything else, only with water so that it does not get infected and put a damp cloth or dressing on the same burn and thus prevent it contaminate. "

Ulises Valtierra
MCP 8th semester, 2 and a half years group
PAYPA Sub-Leader

"It is important for the entire population to have a minimum knowledge of prehospital care to reduce complications of accidents that are experienced day by day, since these are unpredictable and can happen to anyone."

"My goal is for the group to be known to the general public and to know about accident prevention and first aid, in addition to putting into practice the knowledge we can grant to be representatives of a socially responsible university."

"What I enjoy most is being able to teach what I am learning in the group every day, passing knowledge to other people, as well as attending sports and social events inside and outside the faculty to provide first aid care."

Alejandra Wells
MCP 9th semester, 1 semester in the group

“This is a group that has a lot of area to develop in many aspects such as making friends, expressing yourself better, having more security when giving a talk at the Hospital, having more confidence and working in a team.”

It should be noted that the PAYPA group has been requested on several occasions by elementary school teachers to provide workshops and basic information for students; also for people who carry out camps, religious meetings or walks and where accidents can occur outdoors where there are no medical services nearby and that in this way someone can respond.

In organizational matters, the group relies on communication between its members to cover the necessary hours of the events since PAYPA is a much requested group.

For the members of Accident Prevention and First Aid, the group has allowed them to grow as doctors, without adding that they now know how to be trained to be the first respondents in prehospital care and what causes them the most satisfaction is knowing that every time more people are preparing to know how to act in the face of accidents and possible catastrophes that may occur.