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Reports 7 Sep 2018

Chamber Ensemble: classical music, ideal complement for your student success

A year after its creation, Ensamble is a student group that is growing.

It all started when Ricardo Alvarado, coordinator of the group, made the proposal to the Board of Directors and to the coordination of Culture to create a group focused on playing classical music. The other members joined thanks to Facebook where Ricardo made the comment he was looking for musicians. His first presentation was in November 2017, during the lighting of the Faculty pine.

Currently there are five members, but they are about to add another three new and among their plans is to unite more students, because they think big and want to become even an orchestra.

They know that the medical career is heavy, however, they point out that when you like something like a sport or cultural activity you can combine it, obtaining many benefits in university life.

What the members shared with us

Ricardo Alvarado Cantú
MCP 7th semester
1st Violin and coordinator

His story with the violin began at eight years old when he saw a violinist in a mall and music captivated him. Since then he started playing violin.

“It became a part of my life. The group has helped me to distract myself from tensions. When I just entered the School, I stopped playing and felt that I was losing a part of my identity. ”

“We are a fairly united group. We feed each other in a very constructive way and with a point of view to improve. That is something that has integrated us. ”

Marco Gutierrez Martinez
MCP 8th semester
2nd Violin

Although he did not want to play at the beginning, it was almost obligatory, a week of testing was enough to fall in love with this instrument and since then the violin is vital for him.

“During my adolescence it was something very important for me, later when I entered the Faculty I left it for a while; but now that we have this group, it motivates me too much. ”

“It's therapeutic, I concentrate more, it helps me focus and it has been better for me in the race. I feel well. Something surprising is that despite having many other things like exams and homework, we take out the presentations and essays. ”

Estefania Buenrostro Padilla
MCP 4th semester
2nd Chelo

He shares that when he was younger it was not easy to find cello masters, so he started playing piano and then managed to find someone to teach him cello.

“Being in a culture group the organization improves because I have to have well defined times, between school and rehearsals. It influences the school environment, because we are usually stressed and for me it helps me to de-stress and brighten my day. ”

“I recommend that classmates dare, do new things and what they like. Culture is something that is needed in the Faculty, since we are human and we also need to feed on this. ”

In search of new talents

Ensamble has the doors open to new members who already know music and like to carry out a cultural activity. They want to bring classical music to more people, who do not see it boring and with barriers. Likewise, they would like to have more presentations, both in the Faculty and in other settings.