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Gestimed Nov 28, 2018

Students finish Mexican Sign Language course

This is the third group that takes the course at the basic level

The preparation of the doctor must be in various aspects and one of them is the ability to communicate with all types of patients, such as patients with deafness. Having a knowledge, even if basic, of Mexican Sign Language is essential and will give future doctors a different picture in their professional career.

The third basic level group that takes Mexican Sign Language (LSM) has obtained its recognition, this course is managed by the Meditra group, which is part of the Secretariat of Student Affairs (SEASE).

Paola Esperanza Tirado Murillo, Group Coordinator, commented that they have been teaching this course for a year and a half. On this occasion he finished a basic level and for the first time an advanced group.

The course lasts one semester, with weekly sessions. If you want to join the following semester, we recommend you to be aware of the social networks of the Faculty as well as the Meditra group for future registrations.