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University March 14, 2018

Dialogues with coffee

We were able to count on the presence of Jerónimo Sada singer-songwriter and awarded the EXCELLENCE HEALTH AND WELFARE EDITION 2017.

This Tuesday March 13, 2018 the second edition of “Dialogues with coffee” was held, an event where we could count on the presence of Jerome Sada singer and songwriter at the EXCELLENCE HEALTH AND WELFARE EDITION 2017 award granted by the Senate of the Republic.

Born in Monterrey, he graduated from the Medical and Surgeon Degree in the UANL School of Medicine. He has placed several top ten on the Billboard charts in his more than 100 recordings. Recently he released his album "Mariachi de Autor", which I present at the Lunario of the National Auditorium.

The appointment was held in the central lobby of the upper floor of the CRIDS of the Faculty of Medicine, at 4:00 p.m., we have the presence of Dr. Rodrigo Enrique Elizondo Omaña Deputy Director of Undergraduate Studies, El Guillermo Jacobo Baca Secretary of Student Affairs, as well as professors and students of the Faculty.