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University 7 Feb 2020

Students attend to talk about the coronavirus

So far there are only 9 suspicious cases not confirmed in Mexico.

With a large number of students, authorities of the Department of Preventive Medicine offered a conference on February 6, where the issue of the disease was discussed; coronavirus, the program began at 10:00 am in the auditorium 4 of the Faculty of Medicine.

Students of the Department of Preventive Medicine.

In the presence of doctors specialized in the subject, topics such as; the emergence of the disease, evolution, treatment, epidemiological alert, prevention forms and questions and answers to the audience were resolved.

In the same way authorities of the sector affirmed to be ready before a possible case of coronavirus in the state of Nuevo León, and that the Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital & #8220; Dr. José Eleuterio González & #8221; they have the human and hospital resources to contain it and ask the population to comply with prevention measures.

Authorities in charge of lecturing.

The influenza outbreak of 2009, the doctors commented, left them a great learning of contingency and epidemiological prevention, so the most important thing in these cases and before an outbreak of virus is to remain calm and be alert.

The conference closed emphasizing the five prevention measures for all respiratory diseases including coronavirus:

Wash your hands frequently.

Sneeze the right way, with a tissue.

Disinfect commonly used surfaces at home or office.

Go with medical staff if you have symptoms.

Stay home when having a diagnosis and treatment.