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Museum room 18 Dec 2018

Graphic memory of the hospital-school

The Historic Hall has an important photographic collection composed of more than five thousand photographs.

The Historical Hall has an important photographic collection composed of more than five thousand photographs, which account for the educational, scientific and humanistic work of the School of Medicine and the Civil Hospital, in an interval of more than a century and a half.

Its origin dates back to the year of 1944, when the Photography Laboratory is established, which then becomes the Department of Photography, and whose primary function was to document the most important events and provide graphic support to the different services of the Hospital.

In 1975, the painter and photographer Eliézer Alanís Rodríguez was appointed head of the Department, who played an important role in the growth and updating of graphic material; He remained in the position until 2005, the year in which this department disappears.

In 1988, during the management of Dr. Alfredo Piñeyro López, and as part of the History of Medicine program in Nuevo León, the photographic collection increased considerably, with photographs of that time and reproductions of old images, especially, of the century XIX.

With the support of the photography department, not only for the collection of images, but for the printing of photographs and the production of paintings, as mentioned in the direction reports: “Work was done to create the Museum of History project of the Faculty of Medicine, making 80 black and white and sepia posters, assembled and restored for presentation. As well as the duplicates for the Faculty Alumni Gallery. ”(Management Report of the Faculty of Medicine 1992-1995, 1995, p. 19).

Between 1993 and 1999, Eliézer Alanís painted twenty-eight portraits to form the gallery of former directors of the University Faculty and Hospital, as well as three paintings of the former González Hospital and the first School of Medicine.

In 2011, the historical photographic archive reorganization stage began, as results more than 5,000 black and white and color photographs were cataloged; from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 21st century, which outline the historical process through which they have passed the Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital, from their background, to the present; similarly, a chronological account of the life of Dr. José Eleuterio González, giving the importance he deserves for being the founder of both institutions.

Also in 2011, as part of the UNESCO Memory of the World Program, in which UANL had been participating since 2007, it was decided to digitize the Photographic Archive, to ensure its preservation and facilitate its use for researchers.

In the permanent collection of the Museum Room 66 photographic reproductions are exhibited, as a sample and selection of the most interesting contents that the Historical Photographic Archive has.

Another of the sections that is part of this file, is a collection of 133 photographs of the generations of the degrees of Surgeon and Midwifery, and Clinical Biologist Chemist, dating from 1973 to 2011.

Currently the collection of images is carried out by the museum staff, either by photographing the events scheduled by the Historic Hall or by organizing the material that the different departments of the health campus send.