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Museum Room Oct 26, 2020

Museum Room on Wikipedia

History, events and virtual tour of the Museum, can be found in one of the most requested portals on the internet

We are pleased to inform you that the Museum Room “Dr. Ángel Óscar Ulloa Gregori" from the Faculty of Medicine already appears on Wikipedia. In this way, we will have more dissemination about the heritage that we preserve, the history of the museum space, the trajectory of Dr. Ulloa Gregori, the events that have taken place, a virtual visit to the museum, among other information that the public will be able to access. through the links that appear on that page.

With these actions we remain close to you despite the healthy distance, we hope to continue advancing in the availability of a virtual museum that is accessible to all those interested in the history of medicine and public health.

Communication and Media, School of Medicine U.A.N.L.