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Reports 5 Sep 2018

A goal in mind and great aspirations, meet the Tochito Femenil team

Feel the good energy of the students of Tochito and know their goals.

A few weeks ago we went to a friendly game of female tochito, between the Medicine team and High School 8. During the game we feel the good vibes that exist between the partners, they are united and focused.

We talked more with the team coach and some members, and although they told us that many players are new, they have been adapting in a positive way, they also have fun in each training and match.

A year ago they lost a final by a few points; so the goal this season is already marked: Get the championship!

To achieve this, the great challenge they face today is to unite the new members; explain the plays, the trajectories and improve each day as a team during training.

Alberto Gerardo García Álvarez, coach of the team for 2 and a half years, former American player in Tigres UANL for nine years and current player of the Professional League of Mexico in the Dinos de Saltillo, tells us that at first when he took the baton the team was nervous, since he had never trained a women's team, however, “with the passing of training and time, the confidence and unity of the team was built. And I have always told them that they have a friendship in me, and with any problem they have, they are supported, ”he says.

“When they are distant in training, they always consider asking what happens to them. I tell you that here they come to exercise and learn. This makes them relax, have a good time and have a friendship that has been strengthened, ”says the coach.

García Álvarez also shares his personal point of view on studying and playing sports. For him it is a way to make good friends with other people and you sow loyalty. “We are the team of the Faculty of Medicine, a team that we consider ourselves family. I call him brotherhood. ”

We introduce you to some of the members

Haydíi Villarreal MCP 11th semester
Training for 9 years and 5 years in the official team

“Practicing a sport and studying is knowing how to comply in both, and you also learn to work in a team, which has helped me to work better in the hospital and in my guards. It also helps me to organize, be more responsible personally or professionally. ”

“Being in an extracurricular activity is the best decision for students, since it helps you a lot to stop stress and make more circles of friendship. Meet new people. And make a habit of good health, with academic and personal goals. ”

Carolina Ávalos MCP 1st semester
6 years playing and 6 months

“It benefits us to exercise, laugh for a while and forget a bit of everything. It helps us a lot because the same classmates support us, since we also find friends who give us advice from the school. ”

“The intention of sports teams is to put aside fear, we come to practice and learn. In the first semester it helps you a lot, because everything is new, but you start meeting new friends, which releases you at school. ”

Karla Sotelo MCP 1st semester
3 years and 6 months

“The exercise in general leaves us the discipline of being responsible, arriving on time for training, attending every day, and looking forward to it. It is the most important thing that exercise leaves us. And although the medical career is very heavy, here we de-stress ourselves. ”

“To the girls who are thinking of entering a sports team as a tochito, I recommend that they integrate, the coaches are quite friendly and integrate you. Do not be afraid to be wrong, it is very nice to enter a sport and see the growth you can achieve. ”

The tochito team of the Faculty of Medicine invites you to support them in their next matches.