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Reports Feb 21, 2019

Women's Rondalla of Medicine: string music from the heart

Motivation and love for music is the main ingredient for the fruit of the Women's Rondalla fo School of Medicine to have the success that distinguishes it

The Women's Rondalla of the Faculty of Medicine is already on its 14th anniversary since it began work in November 2005 and for this reason it is one of the most consolidated Culture groups of the institution; Currently the number of participants is around 20 students approximately.

Belonging to this group makes them grow personally and academically because, according to the members themselves, they learn to work in a team, they know how to deal with problems that arise without being planned, in addition to knowing how to organize and plan their day to day.

The Rondalla Femenil de Medicina has been creditor to the first place of Category and Best AA Soloist of Maximum Elegance in the National Contest of Rondallas, also in recent days, the D'Ronda website, the Rondallas site in Mexico, granted the recognition of Rondalla Women's of the Year 2018 to the Rondalla Women's Medicine for the second time after having been winners in this same category in 2014.


Some of the members:

Rosario Garza Aguiar
MCP 11th semester, 3 and a half years in the group
Leader of the Rondalla Femenil


“When I entered (the rondalla group) the union was not as strong as I feel it is right now because we are very close and also because the same members are the ones who try to make the environment more beautiful to attract even more and stay. ”

"I ask Scarlett (the oldest member in the group) a lot, what have you seen, how it worked to try to get the best and then leave what doesn't work and implement new things besides learning all along the way."

“I did not know how to play guitar and they taught me there, and that experience that everyone supports you has even helped me is very helpful because I am the type of person who gives me the fastest things I like to learn.”

Scarlett Marlene Carrera Coronado
MCP intern, more than 7 years the group
Member of the Rondalla Femenil

When asked the already intern of Midwifery Surgeon, Scarlett, what is the picture he has seen through his years in the female rondalla due to his long stay in the group, said the following:

“There have been successes, there have also been many failures, but I believe that the best is passed from generation to generation and what is best for the rondalla is taken as a group since nothing else is represented to the faculty but to all University".

“It's a matter of a lot of organization, it's a lot of planning every day since you get up to organize the time to devote to the faculty and the one that I have to invest in the rondalla, I rehearse enough, there is always someone who can help me or someone to who can help you, is a lot of essay, it is also like the faculty, you have to go to the class already studied if not because you are not going to know what to do ”.

“Sometimes there is pressure for the competitions, but when you tried so hard to rehearse and go to each rehearsal, sometimes they are very late or they last a long time and that it is a very heavy fatigue, but when they say Rondalla Femenil de la Facultad of Medicine, that we won a contest, is a sensation that cannot be compared with anything ”he shared with emotion.


Vanessa García Ortiz
CCM 7th semester, 1 year and a half in the group
Member of the Rondalla Femenil

“I received the guitar in 2013 and, around 2014, it was when I became more attached to the guitar with my own learning completely and until a year and a half ago it was when I entered the rondalla and I began to grow more next to my partners ”.

“From the beginning I could notice a lot of union between them (members of the women's rondalla) rather than being a group that competed and presented in different places, it was a brotherhood that was there, the companionship is perceived a lot, the support between each member".

"You have to develop skills that one sometimes has there but they are hidden, then it is a challenge also because the race demands a lot from you but you realize that if you want, you can."

“Being on stage with all your partners gives you security and gives you impressive satisfaction; when you finish, when you know that you did a good job, that the presentation was perfect for you and you receive the applause of the people and the screams, that really has no name, it is an adrenaline. ”


The members of the Women's Rondalla feel happy to belong to the group because it has helped them to develop better in the group, at school and even at the time of being in clinical practice with more doctors and taking it as opportunities for their own learning.

In the group there is very good harmony and companionship, if they do not know how to play any string instrument, any of the members is willing to teach even those who know how to sing, but they have a hard time doing it on stage, they help them to develop in front of the public.

"He who does not know how to sing or play is not an impediment, who really wants will achieve it."

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