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Reports 4 Sep 2018

For more healthy hearts, CARDIOS a student group that works in prevention

CARDIOS belongs to the area of Gestimed in the Secretariat of Student Affairs (SEASE).

It is made up of students from the Faculty of Medicine and with their actions they not only support the student community, but also the general population with information on preventive health measures; as well as providing figures that exist in Mexico on cardiovascular diseases.

Among its main activities are informative talks in companies, public areas, communities and with patients of the University Hospital. As well as the Electrocardiography Workshop focused on students, where a Doctor from the Department of Cardiology is invited.

The vision of its members

We were talking with the members of CARDIOS and they told us their point of view about what moved them to join and what they enjoy being part of this group.

Alma Nelly Jaramillo Amador
MCP 9th semester, member 1 year and a half ago
CARDIOS Coordinator

“Mainly we focus on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, so that people take care of themselves and do not develop hypertension or a heart attack. We make visits to the HU, offer brochures and take the pressure. Many people do not know about their disease and preventive measures. That is our pillar, but we are implementing more visits to the specialist doctors in the area and we are in consultation with them, in order to know more ”:

“Although the schedules sometimes get complicated, being in the group helps me organize, since I try to advance my activities and give myself the time to do them all. I have gained a lot of knowledge such as the new figures of arterial hypertension as well as skills in the coordination part, how to make an event, take everything in order and be leader ”.

Horacio Muñoz López
MCP 7th semester, member 2 years ago
Research Committee Leader

“What struck me the most was CARDIOS's approach to disease prevention, such as hypertension, which is one of the most frequent in Mexico. And what I have learned from being in this group is to transmit all the knowledge of these diseases to the population, so that they get the message of the importance of prevention ”.

"Without a doubt, the group is very close as a family, we hold integration meetings, to get to know each other better and function well as a group."

Samanta Peña Lozano
MCP 9th semester, member 3 and a half years ago

“What motivated me to join was that I have relatives with heart disease and they don't give it the importance they should. So I seek to make the information known to the entire community in general. ”

“What distinguishes me most from this group is that we are all quite united and support each other. It has helped me to be a more outgoing person, to have contact with patients. And I recommend to all classmates who are not afraid to apply to the group, because they can miss this great opportunity. ”

Antonio Alejandro Magaña García
MCP 8th semester, member 2 and a half years ago

“What motivated me to be in CARDIOS is that Cardiology has always interested me and this has been my goal since I entered the race. I enjoy the union between all members, especially because we have a common goal that is to help more people. ”

“The impact on my student life is quite a lot, because it complements what I see in my classes. The skills I have developed are in prevention techniques, to make other students and patients understand the complexity of these diseases. ”

Mirka Segovia Osuna
MCP 8th semester, member 1 year and a half ago
CARDIOS Deputy Coordinator

“What motivated me to be a part, was that when I was a child my dad suffered a heart attack, a disease that can be prevented. This is my way of putting my grain of sand to provide information to more people. ”

“In my student life I have developed a more empathic way of being, which has helped me to relate better in the brigades and to have more teamwork skills, not to be so individual.”

The objectives of the group

Currently for CARDIOS it is important to implement more research actions, with review of articles, visits in clinical interventions and continue with the practices of population support. They also think about growing more, joining with the new members and letting the entire student population know what they are doing.

The CARDIOS group invites all students to join to meet new people, learn about this topic and develop their skills.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pg/cardiosgestimeduanl