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Reports Mar 4, 2019

MEDITRA: In search of practical solutions to current health problems

The continuous collaboration of the members of MEDITRA towards society on health issues have made the group one of the most philanthropic and humanitarian of the School of Medicine

MEDITRA is part of the groups that the Secretariat of Student Affairs (SEASE) has that focuses on contemporary social issues; The members of the group are trained as health professionals who are able to analyze and have solutions to the adversities in people's physical and emotional health.

It should be noted that the MEDITRA group not only focuses on a single topic, but also covers different topics such as sexual diversity, the correct use of contraceptive methods, women's rights, hearing and vision problems, medical brigades and implementation of rapid HIV tests. This is why the members of MEDITRA are considered as an altruistic group.

In the group there are students from second semester to tenth, therefore, it is not necessary to belong to a specific semester to enter MEDITRA, there are 10 members and 7 collaborators who have been able to collaborate and create a family of good coexistence and learning .

Some of the members:

Paola Esperanza Pulled Murillo
MCP 10th semester, 5 years belonging to the group

When asked the leader of MEDITRA what is the way he motivates the members to participate actively in the group he told us the following: Leader of MEDITRA

"This semester we try to implement the one that each person was responsible for an event so that they themselves learn how to organize one, do the logistics, but never release them and support them in any doubt they have," he said.

“We invite all medical students, they can enter from the first semester; if they like social work, support, be a little charitable before the people and not have any discrimination they are invited to the group ”.

“Some of the activities we have contemplated are attending an asylum and making a medical brigade; We are planning to see that other groups support us as GERONTE and BRIGADAS ”.

"Everyone is welcome, the minimum average requested is 70, join."

Eduardo Chavez Ornelas
MCP 9th semester, 3 years in the group
MEDITRA Sub-Leader

“The members that make up the official list of the group today deserve that place either because they are asked for support as in events, thus being the way we rely, through the hours of support handling it in a democratic way.”

“All the members, all the collaborators that form MEDITRA, have the same objective that is to help society, even if it is a grain of sand, they say that a grain of sand can make a difference and that is the main objective that everyone unites us ”.

Víctor Abraham Cavazos García
MCP 10th semester, 2 years at MEDITRA

“Since I entered (to MEDITRA) I had no such clear idea about the social problems that were in the Hospital and society, and I think that this group has made me see people differently, see the needs they have each patient and see that each one needs a different attention ”.

“MEDITRA helped me a lot to know how to organize myself and since I joined the group, what we have prioritized a lot is teamwork, knowing how to execute ideas; since I joined the group they have received me very well, my ideas have been there on the table, we have seen them, we have contemplated them, some have been made and some have not, but in the end we are happy ”.

“To motivate them, I think that, more than anything else, comes from them, we have given them the support that sometimes they require, especially new ones, we explain how things are in MEDITRA, how we manage, how we like to work and they so overall they fit very well. ”

About the Mexican Sign Language Course

Currently, the MEDITRA group is teaching the "Mexican Sign Language Course" which is considered one of the strengths of the group since two years ago it has been taught to those who seek to continue learning and be part of the solution to the problem of people with hearing impairment and / or other speech abilities.

This course was proposed by a former member of MEDITRA born as a good idea and until a couple of years ago, the leader Paola Tirado, raised the idea of this initiative as they saw that it was something that was really needed not only for Health professionals but for any interested party.

Ms. Nancy Yadira Sánchez, a specialist in the subject of sign language, is the current teacher who teaches the course together with the support of the members of MEDITRA every Monday to two groups where basic subjects such as vocabulary, greeting, names are taught and some subjects of medicine.


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