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Reports 12 Sep 2018

More united than ever, meet the Medicine Baseball team

They seek to be among the first 4 teams of the UANL during this semester.

The baseball team is being integrated as a very good team and the union is gradually taking place with training. This is what some of the members let us know, always willing to give everything for the team.

Their goals: to achieve something big, since a year and a half ago they were champions, this semester they go for a similar result.

The coach, Salvador Emmanuel Pérez, Bachelor of Exercise Science, also coach of the High School 9 and baseball manager Juvenile tigersHe told us that he has been leading the team for a year and has noticed a great growth in the students that make it up.

“During these two semesters, much progress has been made; the truth at the beginning was a bit complicated by the recruitment of the members, something that had never happened to me, but it is understood by the type of career. However, we don't put aside new people in sport, rather we unite them and go to practice. ”

The coach points out that he always seeks to maintain a good atmosphere, making it clear that it is a commitment for the students, but also a way to relax from school. Since it helps them to socialize with more people and get out of the daily routine.

“The strengths that distinguish this team from other faculties is the disposition of the students. The main objectives is to be within the first 4 and then go for the championship, ”he says.

Some of the faces of baseball in Medicine

Luis Guerrero
MCP 1st semester
13 years playing baseball

What do you most enjoy being on the team?

“What I enjoy most is the coexistence with classmates, it is also a time to release the stress of school when training. In addition, the good level of the coach as well as the disposition of all ”.

What do you want to achieve?

"Regarding my personal goals is to continue advancing in sport, always knowing it more since it never stops learning."

Ricardo Galván
MCP 8th semester
Left Garden
4 years playing baseball

What do you most enjoy being on the team?

“That it is a good complement to our school activities, a moment of sport is always good and what better than to live with classmates. We have the attitude of tolerance to stress, the vision of achieving the objectives and dealing with the obstacles that are presented to us ”.

What do you want to achieve?

"My goals are to stop the name of Medicine, which distinguishes that we are complete students, because apart from dedicating ourselves to study we also do sports."

Joaquín Ramírez
MCP 1st semester
First base
10 years playing baseball

What do you most enjoy being on the team?

“What I like about workouts is that after a heavy day, we can come to relax a bit and get out of the routine. Our strengths in front of others are the support that exists between all the partners, they don't leave you alone and we know how to work under pressure ”.

What do you want to achieve?

"Personally, he has the objectives of successfully carrying out all his activities, competing in the finals and knowing that they did well."

Support the team and join

Undoubtedly, colleagues make it clear that sport helps to have mental and physical health, and this in Medicine is very effective in order to provide an effective service to patients who require it.

Baseball students recommend joining the sports activities of the Faculty, because it supports you to organize more times, develop in the student field, forging the character.