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Reports 11 Sep 2018

DIA Group: counterattacking and informed more about diabetes mellitus

Unfortunately, diabetes is a disease that affects millions of people worldwide.

For the members of DAY, group of Gestimed, there is much misinformation in Mexico regarding diabetes mellitus, a disease that has been increasing in recent years, and not only in the country, worldwide as well.

For this reason, among its main activities are informative talks regarding prevention in primary, secondary, companies and hospitals. In addition to talking about prevention, they also share recommendations on how to carry the disease when living with diabetes and correct ways to treat it.

One of the most important events of DAY during the year is to attend a summer camp with children suffering from type 1 diabetes, this in conjunction with the Mexican Diabetes Association, so that during the camp the children learn more about their illness.

Who is it?

Adam Fernando Díaz Hernández
MCP 9th semester, 4 years in the group

“I was motivated to join because I live with type 1 diabetes and I realized that there are many disinformation of the disease, many fears, beliefs and myths; this only limits the quality of life of people with diabetes. ”

“In the group I have gained a lot of knowledge about diabetes. Thus I contribute a grain of sand to eliminate these false beliefs about the disease. ”

He comments that during the following semester they want to focus more on research as one of the main objectives.

Karina Jasso Torres
MCP 8th semester, 3 years in the group

“Diabetes is really a disease that can be prevented and we can influence this. If people don't know how a disease works, they won't know how to stop it. ”

“This group has impacted my life because I have learned too much. We are students who are above average regarding knowledge of diabetes. We are very close, so I learned a lot from the group. We collaborate together and there is trust. ”

Elizabeth Garcia Salinas
MCP 8th semester, 2 years in the group

“My dad has type 2 diabetes mellitus and that's why I wanted to know more about the disease and give him more information about the importance of having adequate treatment.”

“As a student, it has helped me a lot, since it is a disease that has a great prevalence at national and world level. For those who wish to have more knowledge and comprehensive training as a doctor, I invite you to join. ”

Patricia Nuñez Melendez
MCP 3rd semester, 8 months in the group

"It motivated me to enter this group because I see diabetes in my family and it has always caused me great interest to know this disease because of the number of cases that exist in Mexico, an epidemic in the country."

“DIA is a family, we all have the same vision and objective about diabetes prevention. It has not only helped me in my university life, but also as a person, learning to work in a team, knowing how to understand the patient more, since we focus a lot on treating the person and not just the disease ”.

The DIA group invites you to continue your activities and join this cause.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/DIAprevencion