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Reports Mar 27, 2019

Fraternity Medicine: Inspired by leadership, philanthropy, science and virtue

Making a pleasant environment for the students who enter the school is one of the many purposes that the group has

Fraternity Medicine It is one of the Special Groups belonging to the Secretariat of Student Affairs (SEASE) that carries out activities with the main objective of helping other people as partners of the institution, patients and their families, thus covering a large part of the population with the one surrounding a medical student.

The three main values on which the group is based and carry out their activities are philanthropy, leadership and fraternity, and they apply it by creating ties between the applicants and selected from the Faculty of Medicine so they feel included and at home, in addition to provide them with a tour of all the facilities of the institution, holding symposia where they address issues of how to meet goals, leave comfort zones, how to be better people in the student field, and finally, giving support to people at events such as “ That the HU is not cold ”, helping in immigrant houses and the students of the faculty.

It should be noted that Fraternity Medicine It also provides informative talks related to the curricula offered by the faculty, solves the myths that can be generated when entering the institution and clarifies all kinds of academic doubts that may be had regarding the Faculty of Medicine.


Some of the members:

Christ Alexis Moreno Pecina
CCM 10th semester, 2 and a half years in the group
Medicine Fraternity Leader

“I believe that Fraternity has allowed me to grow, more than medically, professionally and as a person, since, as the values we have repeated that is leadership, fraternity and philanthropy, are issues that anyone should apply day by day and, here in the Fraternity Medicine group, we can apply in the medical and personal field, so any health servant must have these values ”.

“We always try, first of all, to get along with everyone, we always try to include all our groupmates so they feel good too; In the first meetings we always organize a dynamic, a game for them to get to know each other, we introduce them and introduce them ”.

“What I have always liked a lot about the group is that it is very variable in terms of semesters, there are people from the first semester, because we accept from the first semester, and until the twelfth semester, which helps us a lot since we always try to touch the issues that we all have in common that is the faculty ”.


Martha Cecilia Rodríguez Ruiz
MCP 5th semester, 2 years in the group
Sub-leader of Fraternity Medicine

“It has helped me a lot (Fraternity Medicine) personally, I feel that it has expanded my expectations more, to believe more in me, in what I am capable and in what I can achieve, and it has also helped me a lot in the organization, more than anything right now that I am leading because if it is a lot of commitment and I have to be checking my classes, how can I accommodate to be able to carry out everything without failing anywhere ”.

"Currently we are 29 members in Fraternity Medicine and we will always receive new people who want to be part of our team, they will not regret entering Fraternity, it is a very good, hardworking group that will help them a lot personally and professionally" .

"Sometimes we include other SEASE activities, for example, with our own football team and participate in the Intramuros Tournament."


If you are a student who has not found a place in the Faculty of Medicine and you want to meet people who have tastes like you, in addition to having friends and helping others and thus increasing your level of leadership, you can approach Fraternity Medicine that you will always have the doors open to become a fraternal.

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