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Hospital Jan 4, 2022

Signing of the Universal Coverage Agreement for children and adolescents with cancer

The fitting out of a floor in the Tower of High Specialty in Advanced Medicine of the University Hospital to give care to this group of minors.

With the aim of providing comprehensive care to cases of infants and adolescents suffering from cancer, the State Government through the Ministry of Health and with the integration and execution in the University Hospital "Dr. José Eleuterio González” managed the signing of collaboration for the program called “Universal Coverage for children and adolescents with cancer”.

With the assistance of the authorities:

  • Governor of Nuevo Leon, Samuel Garcia Sepulveda
  • Head of the Loving Nuevo León Office, Mariana Rodriguez Cantu
  • Secretary of Health in the State, Dr. Alma Rosa Marroquin
  • Rector of the UANL, Dr. med. Santos Guzmán López
  • Director of the Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital “Dr. Jose Eleuterio Gonzalez Dr. med. Edelmiro Pérez Rodríguez
  • Secretary of Equality and Inclusion, Martha Patricia Herrera
  • Deputy of Citizen Movement, Solomon Chertorivsky 
  • Education secretary, Sofia Leticia Morales
  • Administrative Director of State Health Services, Vincent Arturo Lopez

As well as representatives of the associations "Manitas Pintando Arcoíris" and "Sponsor a Child".

  • Signature of agreement

Dr. Edelmiro pointed out the relevance that currently the monitoring of cases of children with cancer has become more effective, due to advances in health and early diagnosis. 

“This agreement is going to transcend a lot in the life of the families of Nuevo León, with one less burden in life. With support at the University Hospital to recover health, a dignified and happy life”, he indicated.

For her part, Dr. Alma Rosa emphasized that “we cannot ignore this situation”, that this is an important act for the health of Nuevo León, which impacts children and young people with cancer and their families. Being cancer the main cause of death in this group of children. 

"We have to be focused on the early search for children with suspected cancer, make a timely diagnosis, quickly refer them to receive specialized treatment and then provide follow-up."

Likewise, he mentioned that three management offices were installed for the program: one in the Maternal and Child Hospital; another in the University Hospital; and the third in the Directorate of Hospitals. As well as a web page for patient registration and a monitoring platform.

Finally, the Governor of the state, Samuel García, thanked all the members who will make the program possible to solve this childhood health problem. 

He indicated that the investment consists of a total of 230 million pesos, the seventh floor of the Tower of High Specialty in Advanced Medicine will be allocated to provide medical care for children and adolescents suffering from all types of cancer. 

"This is an issue that should be an example for other States and the Federation on how to do it, being the first place for cancer treatment."

Communication and Image, Faculty of Medicine UANL