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History 12 Feb 2019

The beginnings of Radiology

In 1896, at the Juárez Hospital, Dr. Tobías Niñez used for the first time in the country the radiography applied to the surgical diagnosis.

The first record of a radiological device in Monterrey dates from 1920, it was a fluoroscopy device, owned by the engineer Emilio Dysterud. A year later, Dr. Enrique Martínez Carranza acquired a portable X-ray device, and installed it in his private office, also took it to the Civil Hospital, and did not charge for its use.

In 1936, the Civil Hospital acquired the first 500 mA fluoroscopy device, its management was empirical, since academically no subject was taught in the region to train in the use of these devices. It was until 1940, when the study of the School of Medicine was approved the creation of the Clinical Electro-Radiology Class, beginning the course in 1941, by Dr. Carlos Medina Curcho, and taught to students of 4th. year, three times a week.

The Department of X-rays began to function when the new Hospital building was inaugurated in 1943, for which a 2000 mA Picker equipment was acquired. The service provider was the Radiologist, Raúl Villarreal.

In 1973, the Department of Radiology and Image, officially directed by Dr. Jesús Dante Guerra Loyal, officially started the same year, and began the specialization program in this branch.