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History 10 Jan 2019

Nurses in Nuevo León

Learn some historical facts about nurses in Nuevo León.

On January 6, the Nurse Day was celebrated in Mexico, and therefore it is important to highlight some historical data.

The hospital care, initially, was carried out by the Orders of religious, in the case of the Gonzalez Hospital, was assisted by the Josefinas Sisters of Charity. Due to the anti-clerical measures of the revolutionary government of Antonio I. Villarreal, the chapel of the González Hospital was closed, and with it the departure of the Sisters was requested.

Due to the shortage of staff attending the sick, and the high demand in the Hospital for the wounded left by the conflicts during the Revolution, Dr. Jesús Ma. González, who was Director of the González Hospital, saw the need to To train the staff academically, therefore, he proposed the creation of the Nursing School.

On October 12, 1915, Governor Pablo A. de la Garza, declared the Nursing School inaugurated, with enrollment open, the first course began in November, with an enrollment of 18 women.

On January 11, 1928, he joined the Nuevo León School of Medicine, being named the Professional School of Nurses and Midwives, continuing with his practices at the González Hospital.

In 1958 he moved to an independent building, forming Nursing Technicians; 10 years later, due to changes in curricula, the creation of the Bachelor of Nursing was approved, the career of Midwives is abolished and the Faculty of Nursing is born.