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History Oct 30, 2018

159th Anniversary of the Faculty of Medicine

We commemorate the 159th anniversary of our faculty with a brief history since its inception.

The October 30, 1859 It is the official date of the birth of the current Faculty of Medicine, whose address was in charge of Dr. José Eleuterio González. Started with 15 students and six teachers, in a place located in the current streets of Morelos and Zaragoza, a year later he moved to a room provided in the Civil Hospital, opened in 1860.

His first floor of professors and subjects taught was the following:

  • Manuel Garza García: Chemistry, Botany and Pharmacy
  • José Eleuterio González: Anatomy, Operative Medicine and Obstetrics.
  • Carlos Ayala: Physiology and Hygiene
  • Francisco González Carrasco: General and External Pathology
  • José María Castillo: External Pathology
  • Ignacio Garza García: Medical and Therapeutic Matters, Legal and Physical and Chemical Medicine applied to Medicine.

The school had its own building until 1891, raised with the money bequeathed by Gonzalitos when he died and adjacent to the Civil Hospital, its construction was modest, in a property that overlooked the street of Matamoros and Cuauhtémoc, provided with a garden and a battery; it opened in 1892.

In 1948 The construction of the current Faculty building began, under the direction of the engineers Manuel Martínez Carranza and Leobardo Elizondo, as well as the architect Joaquín A. Mora. Part of its cost was paid with the sale of the land to the IMSS, which was built today by the Hospital de Especialidades.

The campus temporarily moved to the Tirso Garza building in Zuazua and May 15. At the end of 1951 the transfer to the new facilities began and the November 9, 1952 formally opened by the Mr. Miguel Alemán, Republic President, Lic. Raúl Rangel Frías, rector of the University and the Dr. Serapio Muraira, director of the faculty.