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Gestimed March 7, 2019

GECIQ carries out the Basic Operating Workshop of the Operating Room

Event attendees solved the myths and doubts that are inside an operating room.

Through the Basic Fundamentals Workshop of the Operating Room, held on Monday, March 4 at the Center for Evaluation and Medical Surgical Training (CEVAM) at the University Hospital "Dr. José Eleuterio González ”, the students present learned about the areas, the regulations and the instruments used in an operating room.

This workshop was organized by the Student Group with Interest in the “GECIQ” Surgical Field through the presentation and advice of Dr. Alejandro Quiroga Garza, who also instructed listeners about the proper use of an operating room and all that entailed.

With the presence of Dr. Enrique Alberto Butcher López, Coordinator of the Gestimed groups, the workshop was inaugurated and also offered a few words to the audience, emphasizing that these types of events are selfless exchanges in the material and very interested in knowledge. In addition, he thanked the authorities of the Faculty of Medicine for their interest in excellence in work plans and educational training for future doctors.