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Gestimed May 23, 2019

Meet GIPSIDA: Fighting for information and detection of HIV / AIDS

Preventing and raising awareness about HIV / AIDS is what the members of GIPSIDA, a group belonging to GESTIMED of the Secretariat of Student Affairs (SEASE), do

Providing information about HIV and AIDS, carrying out workshops on the correct use of condoms and conducting rapid HIV tests through different institutions such as secondary schools, high schools and universities are some of the main activities focused on AIDS Research and Prevention Group (GIPSIDA) In addition to discussion of articles and observation in Infectology consultations.

This is why the main mission of GIPSIDA It is to promote and above all develop research by health students and provide adequate education towards HIV prevention, diagnosis and treatment through the establishment of effective programs and models to prevent and create a culture of specialized sexual awareness.

It should be noted that GIPSIDA It is the longest-established Medical Study and Research Group of the Faculty of Medicine, having been created in 1991 with the same objective to date, prevention.

Who is part of GIPSIDA?

Bertha Eugenia Méndez Castro

MCP 9th semester, 3 years in the group

Leader of GIPSIDA

"GIPSIDA not only impacts within the student population, but we also reach out-of-town populations, as well as focusing on prevention."

"We created a difference when conducting research, reading, so we grow as a group and we develop to continue answering the questions that come to us."

"It is also a risk for us (medical students) to be able to become infected with HIV, fortunately there is no record of this, but it is a latent risk to be in the hospital in contact with patients and manipulation of sharp objects, therefore, we emphasize the care we should have. ”

Alonso Barboza Viera

MCP 7th semester, 2 years in the group

GIPSIDA Sub-Leader

 “We have activities inside and outside the faculty such as HIV prevention campaigns, talks about the correct use of condoms, both male and female, whether in primary and secondary schools, in high schools and universities, and here within the faculty (of Medicine) we perform rapid HIV tests. ”

“GIPSIDA has always stood out throughout the years in Medicine because we are always attracting attention, we always want to campaign, we always want to give information, we always want to keep updating and it is very important because medicine is done every day.”

"GIPSIDA has always had a presence and a very good vibe. As I approached, they invited me to participate and stay in touch, something that pleases me, and then after being here I liked to belong more to the group."

Ilse Aracely López Rodríguez

MCP 10th semester, 3 years belonging to the group

“At the regional level we go to different institutions and also, in public areas, with high-risk population, I think that as a group we have a high impact in terms of case detection as we perform rapid HIV tests and from the result we would channel the corresponding institutions ”.

"I was struck by the group's organization in the activities they carried out, the environment in which the group lives because it is very close and that is one of the groups that carry out the most activities within the SEASE."

“Doing an extracurricular activity helps you develop your skills in the medical field such as improving your ability to communicate with others, in the case of GIPSIDA we have a lot of communication with people from different institutions and that helps you meet more people” .

Juan Manuel Fuentes Garza

MCP 6th semester, 2 and a half years in the group

“Through social networks we invite our followers to our activities and the things we do each member, seeking to reach more people so they can have the confidence to talk to us and ask us about any questions they have and resolve them or channel them to where they can attend better ”.

“As a group we have to adapt well to any type of environment to which we go in the form of a campaign, we adapt to each person, their level of education, their level of knowledge and thus be able to provide them with the most comprehensive in terms of detection as HIV prevention. "

“I have always been very interested in the issue of sexual health and sexuality, and looking for the group related to that at the fair, the one that approached the most was GIPSIDA because it has a very good organization, its members are very hardworking and although We are only focused on HIV. We are also trained to talk about sexual health in general. ”

Paola Yadnin Celis Pérez

CCM 10th semester, 2 and a half years in the group

“In the activities that we do within the institution, the general public can come and sometimes people who are in the University Hospital attend because we are going to disseminate the event that is being held that same day, people from other faculties of the UANL. "

Melissa Esmeralda Martínez Morán

MCP 9th semester, just joined the group

“I entered the group because I saw that they were very active, I always wanted to be in continuous education so GIPSIDA was a group that offered you many things; I offered you research, they offer you training, consultation and apart all the classes that are taught by doctors and by the same members of the group ”.

"Being in a group helps you a lot to personal growth, you can learn from yourself different skills that you did not know you had when being with people who are focused and interested in the same subject of oneself."

In addition, GIPSIDA holds three events a year in the form of a campaign inside and outside the Faculty of Medicine:

  • June 27: Rapid HIV Test Day
  • November 24: 2nd Day of Rapid HIV Test
  • December 1: World Day to Combat HIV

As if that were not enough, the Department of Infectology and its boss and group advisor, Dr. med. Javier Ramos Jiménez, gives a symposium where students are invited to receive updated and important information on the subject by specialists, doctors and experts in the field.