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Gestimed 6 Jun 2019

Provide 3rd Workshop on the Application of Contraceptive Methods

Knowledge regarding the selection, access and application of contraceptive methods was what was discussed in the workshop

As part of one of the semiannual activities and mission of the Sexual Education and Orientation Group GEOS The Workshop on the Application of Contraceptive Methods was held for the third time on June 5 at the CEVAM Surgical Medical Evaluation and Training Center; The theoretical forum was opened by Dr. Guillermo Jacobo Baca and continued with Dr. Saúl Raúl González Quintanilla in the practice phase.

Dr. Guillermo Jacobo Baca, Secretary of Student Affairs of the Faculty of Medicine, who also serves as a gynecologist, opened the workshop and toured during his presentation the advantages, disadvantages, risks and aspects to be evaluated by those contraceptive methods; especially the IUD, the patch and the implant. In addition, he said he was very proud of this workshop organized by GEOS, of the leader Rodrigo Torres for the effort to carry out this project and for having contemplated it to offer his knowledge this time.

Later, those enrolled in the workshop practiced the application of the IUD under the supervision of Dr. Saúl Raúl González Quintanilla and the MPSS Christian Juárez.

It should be noted that the workshop also attended:

  • Dr. Enrique A. Butcher López, Coordinator of GESTIMED.
  • Dr. Rebeca Thelma Martínez Villarreal, GEOS advisor and Director of the University Health Center, UANL.