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Gestimed Nov 28, 2018

Students hold HIV and AIDS symposium 2018

World AIDS Day is on December 1 and to discuss the issue the Gipsida group held this event.

Taboos regarding HIV and AIDS are slowly being demolished as new research shows more up-to-date data on methods and medications to provide the patient with a better life and well-being living with this disease.

Ilse Araceli López Rodríguez, MCP student in 9th semester and coordinator of the Gestips Gipsida group, commented that the 2018 HIV and AIDS Symposium was focused on the impact it has on the prevention of the disease in the entire community of the health sector.

This event is held once a year, within the framework of World AIDS Day, indicated by the World Health Organization (WHO) officially dated December 1.

In addition to the informative talks by experts, modules from other Gestimed groups that provide activities for students were installed in the lobby of the Multipurpose Auditorium.