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University 31 Jan 2020

Hundreds of students select Social Service place

The duration of the selection of places gave a total of 9 hours.

The clock showed 7:30 in the morning and as if it were a kind of auction, a large number of students gathered on Wednesday January 29 at the Multipurpose Auditorium, with the intention of choosing a place for the Social service.

Everyone began to worry and ask about the doubts they had as they were going to make the selection of places, any student could be observed with files, papers and a pen in hand.

Selection of Social Service positions.

By 8:15 in the morning, the responsible authorities began to take the place to give rise to the section of places, it is worth mentioning that the duration of the social service of the career of Medical Surgeon and Midwife is twelve continuous months, with two promotions; one that begins in February and the other in the month of August of each year.

At 9:00 in the morning, the boxes on the placed screens began to paint red, in clear sign of the boxes in red were those already occupied by the first students who had a better average.

Sampling of occupied places. Multipurpose Auditorium.

By 2:30 o'clock in the afternoon the boxes were beginning to be less, certain students were seen in a hurry and uncertain in the decision of the place to select, others, just waited for them to mention their name.

The selection lasted until 4:30 in the afternoon, giving as an approximate of 387 (unofficial figure) places delivered for the development of the Social Service, which will begin next February.

Stationery Review by corresponding authorities.