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University 28 Jan 2020

Classes resume at the Faculty of Medicine

For some students the classes started from 7:00 am.

In order to have a better academic year, this Monday, January 27, hundreds of students of the Faculty of Medicine resumed the corresponding activities, after the December holidays, to begin a new semester.

In the halls of the institution a large number of students could be observed that among many could be said are new faces, who at the time accepted the great challenge to be accepted in one of the best faculties in Mexico.

Students of the Faculty of Medicine. Central plaza.

Semester after semester the Faculty of Medicine receives around 5 thousand and 6 thousand applicants.

The beginning of a new year and semester, brings new goals, purposes and that emotion of being formed from day one, as well as an institution we seek the broad spirit of service, capacity for self-criticism and continuous updating of their knowledge in each student.

Students of the Faculty of Medicine. Gonzalitos Square.