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University March 5, 2019

SEASE Expo is held with great aspirations

The last week of February the SEASE Expo was held with a new theme that seeks to implement sustainability in the Faculty of Medicine.

As every semester, the Secretariat of Student Affairs of the Faculty of Medicine, held on Wednesday, February 27 and Thursday, February 28, the SEASE Expo in which the 41 Student Working Groups and Research in Medicine (GESTIMED), the 6 Special Groups, participated, Brigades and the Society of Medical Students (SAMED). Here they were providing information on how they work and develop their clinical and inquiry skills, altruism and / or coexistence with the same community of the institution to students who were interested in being part of a group.

From 10:00 a.m., on both days the students gathered in the Multipurpose Auditorium of our faculty until 4:00 p.m., where Dr. med was assisted. Edelmiro Pérez Rodríguez, Director of the Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital “Dr. José Eleuterio González ”, Dr. C. Rodrigo Enrique Elizondo Omaña, Deputy Director of Undergraduate Studies at MCP, Dr. Guillermo Jacobo Baca, Secretary of SEASE and the presence of Dr. Sergio S. Fernández Delgadillo, Secretary of Sustainability of UANL

Unlike other years, EXPO SEASE, had as its main theme the sustainability, and each group was in charge of implementing this term from the ornament of its stand, to the information provided or gifts to the student community. As if that were not enough, Dr. Sergio S. Fernández Delgadillo, Secretary of Sustainability of the UANL offered the talk “Sustainability in the University Field” last Wednesday to strengthen the idea of the exhibition.

Dr. med. Edelmiro Pérez Rodríguez thanked the assistance of the SEDESU of the UANL, congratulated the groups present and mentioned that sustainability must start with oneself and also stressed that we are a faculty that wants to start being green and ecological.

During the two days cultural groups such as Danzón, the male and female Rondalla, Mediglee, the Chamber Ensemble, Floklor and Latin Rhythms were presented to liven up the space.