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University 12 Dec 2018

Rondalla celebrates 38 years of bringing music to Medicine

Commemorates his anniversary with presentation at the Faculty,

In a reunion event, 8 were the generations of the manly rondalla of the Faculty of Medicine who gathered to spend a pleasant night of memories. And, in short, they managed to move the audience to different eras and emotions with each of their songs.

There are 38 years of history that could not be forgotten, just as their former members are still united and try to play together, rehearse their chords or simply meet.

Some of the members who participated were: Dr. Martín Alfredo Sánchez Kewes and Dr. César Alberto Solís Sánchez, co-founders of the manly rondalla, as well as Dr. Carlos Eduardo Segura Herrera, organizer of the event, who always cares about maintaining united to all and the QCB Manuel de Jesús Garza Garza, arranger and fundamental part of the group.

We congratulate the rondalla for these 38 years of history and we support the current members so that they continue forming a path in our Faculty.