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University 10 Jan 2020

Indonesian students rotate Research

The embryology department has been receiving students for 12 years in its program.

Through internationalization, and the exchanges offered by the Faculty of Medicine, the Undergraduate Studies Department of the Bachelor of Surgeon and Midwifery Degree is an institution with a global focus.

Students from Indonesia and Dr. Norbeto López Serna.

The objective is to summon the students of this degree to participate in the Exchange Program, in the rotation of basic area research of the embryology department.

On this occasion, the exchange students from Indonesia: Elma Cita Maghfira and Putri Arianeu, concluded their rotation in the Embryology Research Laboratory, with the presence of Dr. med. Norberto López Serna.

Practice in the technique of dissection and micro dissection.

Through this research they practiced dissection and micro dissection techniques, in fetuses and analysis of embryonic structures in chicken specimens, they concluded satisfactorily after about a month.