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University 28 Mar 2020

University Hospital “Dr. José Eleuterio González ”among the 10 best equipped in Mexico

The 10 best equipped hospitals in Mexico in the days of Covid-19

East ranking of Hospitals in Mexico was developed by Global Health Intelligence (GHI) using HospiScope, its database of Latin American hospitals, which collects critical data on hospital infrastructure and medical equipment in Latin American hospitals. A significant challenge facing hospitals and institutions in Latin America is that there is little up-to-date and reliable information on hospitals.

The ranking is shown like this:

  1. General Hospital Of Mexico Doctor Eduardo Liceaga.
  2. Guadalajara Civil Hospital Fray Antonio Alcalde.
  3. Central Military Hospital.
  4. Regional Hospital Gral. Ignacio Zaragoza.
  5. University Hospital Dr. José Eleuterio González.
  6. Civil Hospital of Guadalajara Juan I. Menchaca.
  7. General Hospital Of Obstetrics No 4 Luis Castelazo Ayala.
  8. General Hospital National Medical Center La Raza.
  9. Regional General Hospital 46 Guadalajara.
  10. National Medical Center November 20.

In short, a great pride for our Faculty, as well as the maximum house of studies for the Autonomous University of Nuevo León and the entire state.

Read the full note here: https://www.saludiario.com/los-10-hospitales-mejor-equipados-de-mexico-en-tiempos-de-covid-19/