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University 18 Feb 2020

UANL and UCACUE agreement signed

The University of Ecuador has 7 units, within which 27 degrees and 15 master's degrees are offered.

In early February, Dr. Enrique Pozo Cabrera, Rector of the Catholic University of Cuenca Ecuador, visited the offices of the Faculty of Medicine where he met with Dr. med. Edelmiro Pérez Rodriguez, Director of the Faculty and Hospital.

In order to create an agreement and consolidate a modern system of research and innovation, the universities UANL and UCACUE seek the scope of objectives between two large ones within the American continent.

Signing of the UANL agreement & #8211; UCACUE

Among the objectives to be met are:

Promote the linking of the public and private productive sector through science and technology for the resolution of regional problems in each of the administrative, humanistic, health sciences, technological and engineering areas.

In addition to the development of networks with scientific cooperation and technology with the body of the faculties of external research groups between UANL and UCACUE.