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University March 8, 2021

International Women's Day 2021

We join in the commemoration and promotion of an egalitarian future, highlighting some female profiles of the Institution

An equal future without stigmas, stereotypes or gender violence is the main objective of the International Women's Day and, both men and women, we can commemorate and contribute to creating a sustainable and peaceful tomorrow with equal rights and opportunities for all; this with the participation and leadership of women in all areas.

For its part, the Faculty of Medicine has been in charge of creating opportunities for students, workers, teachers and researchers alike. That is why below we present some of the female profiles that stand out in our Institution:

Maria Lourdes Mendoza MorenoSupervisor in quartermaster area

María is a woman who has been working at the Faculty of Medicine for 16 years, for almost 15 years she was mayor in the Department of Biochemistry and a year ago she had the opportunity to be the supervisor in the maintenance area.

I do very different things, since before it was a space only, and now I have 30 people under my charge […] Since I was 21 years old I have been working in this institution. My children grew up here, I can consider this institution as my second family. Belonging to this instance is a privilege, because we can achieve what we set out to do❞

Skills and Goals:

  • Connect with people easily
  • Communication with others
  • Resolution of conflicts and / or problems
  • Advance at work, focus on continuing to grow

Stephanie Nice face PadillaMCP student and leader of Rondalla Femenil

Estefanía is a student of the 9th semester of Surgeon and Midwife, she belonged to the Chamber Ensemble group and today she is the leader of the Rondalla Femenil group; She believes that women should study in the areas of medicine and science because they are able to function in any field they want.

In Mexico, not long ago (women) were given the space to represent us, so having the power to demonstrate in any field is relevant. In my plans as the leader of rondalla is to continue empowering the teammates of the group, with learning, discipline, and other values so that they feel safe and with self-esteem, without complexes of what they will say❞

Skills and Goals:

  • Discipline to do things well
  • Confidence in achieving your goals
  • Personal self-esteem and belief in herself
  • Finish his career, specialize in Anesthesiology and Palliative Care and continue his cultural activity in Rondalla.

Dr. C. Marsela Garza TapiaProfessor and Researcher at QCB

Dr. C. Marsela has been a professor of the Biology Clinical Chemistry degree since 2011. She is originally from Río Bravo, Tamaulipas. He has directed CONACYT projects, worked with undergraduate and graduate students. In addition, as of this year it was incorporated as SNI I.

Women have always been involved in science since ancient times, but my perception is that for many years they were seen in the background, as assistants or secondary, and not as generators of ideas. Currently things have changed, these days the presence of scientists in the areas of chemistry and health has increased a lot, however, it is still a challenge to open the way for women❞

Skills and Goals:

  • Constancy with what you want
  • Patience (there is no short way)
  • Openness to new ideas
  • Continue with your professional and research development

Daniela Cecilias González Cruz - MCP Student and Anatomy Scholar

The student Daniela is in the 10th semester of Surgeon and Midwife, and is also a Fellow of the Department of Human Anatomy. She considers that one of the challenges is the lack of role models for women in science in some areas of study.

Sometimes I have noticed that there is a lack of representation of women as teachers, since the first semesters I noticed that there were more male doctors, and well sometimes you want to get closer with someone else❞

Skills and Goals:

  • Get inspired to meet your goals
  • Have a support network with other women
  • Believe in yourself and be confident
  • Finish your degree, continue preparing with studies

Roman Castle SegoviaSecretary

Romana, better known as “Romy”, is a secretary who has worked at the Institution for 20 years, currently in the office of the Board of Directors. She enjoys her work a lot and considers that every day at work is different, she also mentions her willingness to always remain active to do her job better every day.

I have a developed family, my children have grown up in the corridors of the Faculty. I am always active, both at work and at home. I think about responsibility constantly and every day I wake up early to go to work❞

Your skills and goals:

  • Patience to deal with each and everyone
  • Initiative to get things done
  • Commitment to meet goals
  • Happily continue in your workspace

Yahaira Elizabeth Gutiérrez SalasMCP student and leader of Fraternidad Medicina

Yahaira is a student of the 10th semester of Surgeon and Midwife, and was recently appointed as the leader of the Medicine Fraternity group. He mentions that women are the way they are going to give girls interested in science to create a better way to live for all of society.

When I was little they doubted me, and that I could not achieve what I am doing […] At some point in my career a Doctor always rejected my work, but when a colleague passed he was applauded, and I said no, this was repeated with other colleagues. Fortunately, inside the Hospital I have not had problems, my colleagues have been respectful. I am a person who strives and works for his goals❞

Your skills and goals:

  • Leadership to work
  • Responsibility to continue
  • Humanism for my career
  • Continue with your sixth year and do your Social Service transcending

#Women's International Day