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University 24 Jan 2020

New induction courses attend induction courses

The course was carried out in two schedules, given the large number of new students.

Last Monday, January 20 of this year, in the Multipurpose Auditorium, the induction courses of the Surgeon and Midwifery career that the Undergraduate Studies Department organizes began.

As every year the Faculty of Medicine receives students with the intention of giving them a warm welcome, making them feel as part of a family and at the beginning of a new academic stage, offering the necessary support during the semester.

Welcome message. Multipurpose Auditorium.

Among the authorities present at the event held at 8:00 o'clock, were:

Dr. med. Edelmiro Pérez Rodríguez, Director of the Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital “Dr. José Eleuterio González ”UANL, who opened the ceremony with the welcome greeting.

Dr. C. Rodrigo Enrique Elizondo Omaña Deputy Director of Undergraduate Studies of the Bachelor of Surgeon and Midwifery addressed topics of excellence of the Faculty and how important is the medical student.

Dr. C. Rodrigo Enrique Elizondo Omaña.

Dr. C. Guillermo Elizondo Riojas, Academic Secretary of the Bachelor of Physician and Surgeon, spoke about what is required to train as a doctor from the first day of school.

Mr. Héctor de la O. Cavazos, Head of the Security Department, provided advice to safeguard the security of the institution.

Geographical sample of the COE.

Ing. Eduardo Huerta Alanís, Head of the School and Archive Department, issued the internal regulations, rights and obligations of the students.

Dr. Guillermo Jacobo Baca, Secretary of Student Affairs, concluded with everything related to the functions of the Secretariat of Student Affairs (SEASE) and registration to representative sports teams and cultural groups.

New students. School of Medicine.